Robinson threatens elections over Prison’s symbols..

Ya feeling lucky punk? And so, sledgehammer and nut meet (or not). The Alliance Party leader the would be nut. The sledgehammer, the First Minister. David Ford has suggested (taken a report from The Prison Review Group) which suggested dropping the crown of the Prison Service emblem and the term HMP from the NI Prison Service.

The First Minister effectively says, ‘catch yerself on’.

If Ford refuses to back down? Then the First Minister resigns, and we have an election. A nice wee scalp or two for the DUP leader in his own East Belfast backyard. The price: a yawning gap where the Justice Minister used to be and a sunset clause appearing on the horizon with no agreed candidate.

The frisson spreads as far as Paddy Power:

Assembly Elections by June 2012?
1/4 No
5/2 Yes

Will Peter Robinson be First Minister in June 2012?
2/5 Yes
7/4 No

Who will be Deputy First Minister in June 2012?
2/7 Martin McGuinness
8/1 Peter Robinson
7/2 Any other

What does that tell you? That the most likely outcome, is… business as usual

And… There are still some non legislative matters that can only be managed by threatening nuclear meltdown… Even from a minister who is entirely dependent for his job upon the patronage of OFMDFM…

Watch this space…