RWC: Final – Will France make a game of it?

New Zealand unchanged and supremely confident.

France? “le match de toute une vie”  – Imanol Harinordoquy ain’t a bad player.

Let’s face it – they’ve done it before..

I hope New Zealand stuff them and sink their ship on the way home. Any objective observations?

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  • Objectively
    My head says the All Blacks
    My heart says the All Blacks
    My big toe says the All Blacks
    My two fingers says the All Blacks
    My whole says the All Blacks

    Allez les noirs

  • Dewi

    I’m totally with you articles.

  • john

    I hate the All Blacks because they cheat as often as they can and get away with murder and the worst bit is they really have no need because when they play well they are way ahead of everyone else – the only problem is I hate France even more what a bunch of spoilt children (no coincidence the footballers did the same thing). Marc Lievermont is getting the sack anyway so what he should have done was selected a team who wanted to play for him and got rid of all the moaners maybe then they would have realised that the World Cup was bigger than their egos. As for making a match of it I hope NZ win by 100 points but the reality is France despite the mess they are in are psychologically better equipped to beat New Zealand than the home nations together with the fact NZ choke under pressure the match will be close but NZ will still have enough to win. If Wales or Ireland were to play NZ then they would beaten before they even stepped on the field because they wouldnt have the believe that they could beat the All Blacks, sure Ireland are the same against France beaten everytime even when they have a far better team!!

  • Dewi

    This might be an interesting second half.

  • john

    Good try although the last pass was forward will there be a chorus of abuse towards the ref? – eh no. The missed kicks are happening again will it cost Wales again for the third time in this cup?

  • Dewi

    Not a bad game – Oz super at breakdown – but I don’t thing we really appreciated Priestland.

  • john

    Im not having a go but can someone please explain to me why everyone has been going crazy about how good Wales are. I agree that the back row have been superb especially at the breakdown but if we look at the results it has all been very average.
    Wins against Namibia and Fiji – well done!
    A win against Samoa which required a lucky try and the Samoans to miss a load of kicks.
    A win against Ireland who as usual froze when it really mattered.
    and the 3 defeats against France, SA and Australia. Dont get me wrong they played well in parts but the way everyone has been carrying on you would have thought they were the new All Blacks.
    For me next years six nations is wide open. France Ireland, England and Wales can all win it they are all similar – fairly average teams who when they click can be impressive

  • Dewi

    “and the 3 defeats against France, SA and Australia” – by a total of 5 points..but completely agree at the missed kicks.

  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange

    NZ ‘should’ win by at least 10 points but with the frenchies you just never know. I’d expect NZ to throw everything at them for pretty much 80 mins. There’s no love lost and with home advantage it should be a black wave. That said, there are questions over young crudden at 10 and weepu kicked poorly last time out. If the french half backs and 15 play an absolute blinder then they have a chance for sure. They’ll need their pack to perform and their kicking game to be 100%.

    I’m about 90% sure NZ will win, and they could potentially win by 20-30 BUT with France, you just never know so it makes for an intriguing encounter.

    Fingers crossed for a good game and a NZ victory. It’s been a cracking tournament with excellent crowds. In addiition, NZ have led the way by playing entertaining rugby for about the last 20 years – they deserve some reward…

  • Dewi

    What a strange Saturday morning!

  • FuturePhysicist

    Congratulations of New Zealand … realistically there should be two New Zealand teams in the final, have North Island play South Island.

  • On the two previous occasions that they have reached a World Cup final, France have been hammered.

    This is the most one-sided line up since 1987. If France keep to a losing margin of 20 or less, they will be doing very well.

    Talking of things Black, a certain ex Slugger blogger has written a post about the Irish referee in the France-Wales match.

    I suspect that this World cup will be remembered just as much for that semi-final as the dominance of the All Blacks.

  • pippakin

    Seymour Major

    Thanks for the link. I sometimes look at three thousand versts but hadn’t spotted Sammy..

    Its good to see him blogging again.