Something about Mary, first Presidential candidate in Belfast (video added)

Residents of Northern Ireland may not have vote as of right, but I suspect there are more than a few Irish denizens of Belfast who’ll be sneaking back to the Donegal ranch or running down to the ma’s in Dublin to cast their unofficial ex pat vote. Anyhoo, Mary Davis is the first candidate to platform in Belfast…

She’ll be at the Crescent Arts Centre this evening between 6 and 7:30pm…

Update: I hope he’ll go on serving as Deputy First Minister for years to come

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  • Greenflag

    Mary Davis gets the support of 15 councils and the media don’t want to know . Its all about McGuinness and Norris for the meeja mar dhea . There are also other candidates including a Mitchell , a Higgins and a Dana and rumour has it there might be a Gallagher in the field .

    Ah well shure we can all look forward to 4 weeks of digging up the past and the not so private life styles of the differently gendered . Panis and circenses even before the off .

  • Mick Fealty

    You’re complaining about the fact we’ve not covered Mary Davis on a thread about Mary Davis GF?

    She’s definitely got a lot more juice in this game than meets the glancing eye…

  • Drumlins Rock

    Hailing three Mary’s in a row might seem to be setting a precedence, but it shouldn’t make any real difference I guess, I wasn’t particularly impressed by the video, heaping praise on your opponents, even with a twist just seems a bit fake too me.

  • Greenflag

    Not complaining- just pointing out that the meeja generally not specifically Slugger have virtually ignored all other candidates bar McGuinness and Norris in their coverage so far .While I accept that slugger is NI focused and that there would be more interest in McGuinness given his position as DFM in NI , The Republic’s meeja have virtually jumped on McGuinness’s head with everything they can muster . IMO they’ll help elect him yet .
    Most people here know which politicians and which parties alomost destroyed the country’s economy by a mixture of greed , ignorance , stupidity and croneyism , They also know that SF was not one of those parties . And the new government is seen as only different in name than the previous administration .

    Thanks to Nevin of course for trying to address the deficit but as per usual the mob will follow the papparazi . As I said 4 weeks focusing on the past . I suppose it could be worse i.e 40 years 🙁

  • “Mary Davis gets the support of 15 councils and the media don’t want to know”

    Greenflag, if she only needed four was it not a bit greedy to hold a surplus of eleven, especially when some other candidates might have benefited?

    I’ve looked at three videos from that little gathering of the President’s Club in the Crescent Arts Centre in Belfast. I see Mary is also inhaling that ‘imagined Ireland’ stuff, namely that she would be president of Ireland-32, not Ireland-26. There seems to be no shortage of dosh for Northsouthery and Mary co-chairs one of those N-S bodies with someone well known in these parts, Trevor Ringland. As ever, I suppose we should follow the money trails and observe the snouts in the troughs.

    The Presidents Club appears to be part of the Belfast Media Group stable so it might seem a little strange that Mary should be rubbing shoulders with a body closely identified with another Slugger ‘name’, the ever so controversial Máirtín Ó Muilleoir.