Democracy is also about saying ‘no’ (‘pity the councillors’)…

Thoughful piece from Suzy on the overzealous lobbying of some Norris supporters

Most of the people involved in supporting Norris have not a clue on how the political system works or how party politics operates. Some of them have no manners either. Their views on democracy are all one way traffic too. Democracy is about also about saying no , it’s about the right to make a decision, not making a decision the way you want it made. Pity the councillors this weekend before the votes next week. They are probably going to vote the way the pack want and I doubt Norris knows what is happening outside of Leinster House.

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  • Absolutely.
    David Norris has as much right and as little right to be on the ballot as I have.
    All he or I need is the support of 20 members of Oireachtas or the county councils support……..somehow I dont think I have a divine right to be on the ballot paper……..a ballot paper listing every Irish citizen over 35 doesnt seem like real Democracy and this is not exactly mitigated by the”bar being too high” or the process being in the hands primarily of politicians.
    The RTE News reports that the 18th signature Shane Ross was relunctant to sign.
    It reports that Michael Lowry will sign if there is 19 already signed up.
    And it reports the potential 19th (McGrath I think) as refusing to sign. Fair play to him (and to others who have signed……or havent signed).

    I dont have a problem in itself with people nominating people they wont necessarily support in an election (Slugger passim in respect of an Independent candidate in East Belfast)………and I have even advocated a group of say 1,000 people willing to nominate (say) a TUV person in Crossmaglen or a SF person in Bangor. I would happily do so as I see it as a right and indeed an obligation of political parties to present their manifesto without hindrance to the Electorate.

    But it stretches credulity to think that a politician elected on a platform (or indeed appointed and with specific political beliefs…..or indeed legitimate concerns about a politicians behaviour) should be made to feel obliged to support a politicians nomination. The tactics used…………people unable to take a simple “no” as an answer are borderline intimidation.

    Had another candidate received 18 nominations and his ahem …….friends were asking for further support……the entire narrative would be different.
    In a word……Hypocrisy.

  • Henry94

    Suzy is right and that is partly why I hope Norris does get a nomination. A lot of his supporters are new and naive. If he fails they will walk away and be disillusioned. If he’s on the ballot they will take part and learn. Respect for differing points of view will have to be lesson one.

  • Henry,

    I know nothing about Norris or his supporters, but are you accusing them of being so shallow that they will walk away in petulance.? Does that include the people who have already signed his nomination papers?

  • Framer

    He’ll get the east Ireland vote which has been the key one of late, and get into the top four.

  • Greenflag

    ‘Democracy is also about saying ‘no’ ‘

    Indeed -That’s why NI did’nt have a local Assembly 1974- 2007 .
    I hope Norris and Dana make it onto the ballot at this stage as to omit both or one or the other will be perceived as unfair by a large number of their supporters and voters and that can’t be healthy for the body politic and least of all in today’s Ireland .

  • Can an eligible person nominate more than one candidate?

  • Mick Fealty


  • Henry94


    I mean the people contacting the nominators. They are getting people’s backs up it seems.

    Dublin South have shot him down. That was a surprise. Looking dodgy now.

    Before the weekend it was believed FG wanted Norris in because they were worried about McGuinness. But the weekend poll suggests McGuinness wouldn’t win anyway so they don’t need Norris anymore.