Great BIG Politics Quiz: latest news!

An unofficial ‘Haiti Week’ is underway on Slugger, with Moochin’s terrific photo-series on POTD, with further shots to be featured as wall projections during Belfast Culture Night on Friday, and more from me later in the week on Haiti and human rights.

And, of course, there’s just days to go until the 2011 Great Big Politics Quiz night gets underway in Belfast’s Black Box (Thursday 22 September, 7:45pm).

Latest news… new prizes have been added to the pot (already looking very desirable with that tower of books and DVDs courtesy of Stratagem) by the good people at the Ulster Bank Belfast Festival at Queen’s, who are offering tickets to some of their hottest ‘political’ events, including The Human Rights Revolution by Nicaraguan-born Bianca Jagger. Meanwhile, Queen’s Film Theatre has thrown in a couple of pairs of tickets for any of their forthcoming features like spy classic Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. Thanks!

Latest news… quiz masters for the evening look like being Minister for Fun Carál Ni Chuilín MLA, Mark Devenport off the telly, and the shy and retiring Jim Wells MLA, Naomi Long MP, Basil McCrea MLA and Alban Maginness MLA. Hopefully. Tim McGarry will be having doing a funny turn.

Latest news… there will be rounds compiled by some of your (cough!) favourite contributors on Slugger: a picture round from Moochin Photoman, international politics by Mark McGregor, UK and Irish politics by Mick Fealty, a video round by Alan in Belfast and, politics in popular culture by (ahem!) me. Bribes in the form of pints of black stuff (it being Arthur’s Day and all that) may be acceptable to at least some of the question compilers…

Tickets at the early bird price are still available (but going fast). Tickets should also be available at the door but advance booking is advised to guarantee a place. Every last penny received will go to Haven Partnership’s work in Haiti. Teams of no more than 5 or 6 please!

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  • I better get busy on the picture round then!
    In the mean time here’s a link to my lil contribution to Culture Night….

  • By the way an application was submitted to the Parades Commission and Donegall street as well as Hill St and Gordon St will be closed from 4pm on Friday. The unofficial Lord Mayor Terri Hooley is having a procession as are a few other organisations during the night

  • between the bridges

    Hopefully one of the quiz questions will be ‘how does a political blog site ignore 2no murder attempts by terrorist?’… Maybe it wasn’t conversational, political, or insightful enough?

  • Drumlins Rock

    Bridges, write the article and I will post it for you.

  • between the bridges

    DR…ok … ‘while a ‘former’ terrorist runs for the Aras ‘current’ terrorist’s continue to use the same tactic’s, in 25years time will the army council of the rIRA also be peacemakers?’
    ‘ after 30years of murder and mayhem it’s seems that attempted murder of a doctor and a PSNI officer rates little or no coverage, but if the rIRA had been successful we might consider it worth commenting….discuss anywhere but the media and media blogs…

  • Drumlins Rock

    bridges, some would say by hi-lighting the attacks you merely feed the terrorists, ie. by talking up the threat you increase the terror and therefore do the job for them. However I think the main reason it wasn’t posted was that apart from condemnation there was very little we could add to the news reports, but I could be wrong there, if I had of been local, had additional information or insight and had the tiem to put something together I prob would have posted on it.
    Your first point can still equally be made on a Marty thread, go for it.

  • Drumlins Rock

    PS you coming to the Quiz?

  • between the bridges

    DR, cheers for the reply, the flip side of that is the terrorist may well think that the only way to get media attention is too carry out a ‘spectacular’? I was surprised (too say the least) that it didn’t get a mention on here, especially with the stories that did. That’s why i made my first comment on Mick’s thread/blog re the Scottish football thug!
    I would be curious as to why the site (i.e. Mick) the CNR and PUL contributors on here see/seen attempted murder of a doctor and policeman as a non-story?
    Re the quiz, after been bamboozled and embarrassed by your 12th quiz I think I will decline!! Tbh not my cup of tea even if I was free.