Magnificent Ireland at the RWC

15-6 v Australia in their half of the world. 2 words I think:

Professional and fearless.

If you were not going to face Wales in the quarters I think you’d win this….


  • Chris Donnelly

    Absolutely wonderful result, fully deserved by the performance as well. The woeful kicking nearly cost us the game, but Ireland weren’t to be denied this time.

    I was in Lansdowne Road for the near triumph against Australia all those years ago and feared a deja vu moment as the minutes ticked down. Thankfully, that didn’t materialise.

    This team now has the triumph their collective performances over the past few years deserve to go alongside the Grand Slam triumph.

    Don’t fancy your lot’s chances of stopping Ireland getting to at least the semi-final stage, Dewi.

  • Mr Crumlin

    Danni Minogue, Kylie Minogue, Russel Crowe, AC/DC, INXS, neighbours, home and away, prisoner cell block H, Harry Kewell, Tim Cahill….your boys took a hell of a beating!!!!!!!!!

  • Greenflag

    Should have been 22-6 or at least 20-6 🙂

    Sorry Dewi . Look on the bright side . Won’t it feel much better when Ireland send the Dragons back to the valleys ?

  • The scrummaging was the clincher along with the tackles in the breakdown.
    Superb win
    Absolutely superb

  • Alanbrooke

    Really good match to watch

  • iluvni

    Good performance by the Republic’s team. Aussies offered nothing and were well beaten.

  • Republic of Connaught

    Fair play to the men in green. But it’s a group game. They didn’t knock Australia out.

    Lack of belief in the chances of victory against the better teams is Ireland’s greatest weakness in rugby. If they had a Jose Mourinho type manager to motivate them I believe they could go a long, long way. Declan Kidney is not that kind of motivator.

  • Alan N/Ards

    Great result! The forwards were awesome! The only thing I was disappointed in was the unsporting behaviour of a lot of the Irish support. There must have been a huge number of football fans in the crowd judging by the booing and whisling when the aussies were taking their penalties. Irish rugby fans are normally very sporting.

    Come the day and come the hour! This was Irelands day and hour. The players played their hearts out for this wee island.

  • Fantastic,

    I look forward to Ireland meeting Samoa in the quarter final

  • Frustrated Democrat

    Great result – Alan – I think most of the Irish support were NZ’ers and they like to see Australia losing.

    Wales v Ireland 1 to savour in a 1/4 final, if we beat Italy that is.

  • Greenflag

    ‘There must have been a huge number of football fans in the crowd judging by the booing and whisling when the aussies were taking their penalties.’

    Probably New Zealanders who were somewhat keen on an Aussie defeat for reasons which need not concern us .

  • “….if we beat Italy that is”,/em>

    I dont agree with the “if” I think it is a when.

    Dewi, now that it is odds on that there will be a 6n team in the final, can we have more regular RWC blogs please?

  • Dewi

    yeah – sorry Seymour – work and stuff along with World cup sleeping patterns. I’ll do a lot more after the group stages.

  • Into the west

    haven’t seen it yet –oops waiting on ITV iplayer
    I wonder if the team knew MMG was standing for Pres.
    Good news comes in pairs 😉

  • JR

    Great result. Listened to it on the radio. Does anyone want to re-wirte their prediction?

  • Into the west

    winning C means Ireland wouldn’t have to play NZ until the Final
    I think its Wales in qrts and then France in semi’s

    Wales look good, look at the SA result, wales were denied.
    Beating France though in the WC, would be a dream come .
    NZ in Final, wow, Eden park,
    haven’t been inside but have driven past it 😉

  • “Probably New Zealanders who were somewhat keen on an Aussie defeat”

    Greenflag, don’t tell me it was an NZ referee? Penalties …. 😉

  • abucs

    Ireland looked supremely confident in running the ball even from their own goal line. Great effort from the whole team!

  • “Events dear boy Events”.
    I drafted a piece for my own Blog on why Ireland never play well on tour or in the World Cup.
    And of course this has to happen….and now the narrative changes completely.

  • Mick Fealty

    I had a long animated conversation with a Kiwi last night in London (who has tickets for the final).

    I remember saying to him that I could not figure out why we could always find it within ourselves to beat Australia (who routine torture New Zealand), but never the All Blacks. Its just fear and lack of belief, he said.

    That was a good time to pull out the best Irish performance since France in Grand Slam year. But apart from a classy Welsh team, stupendous Boks, there’s the curse of Dave Gallagher and the All Blacks lying in wait!

    And our underdog tag is now completely blown!

  • Dewi

    O’ Driscoll should be running for President….Seriously he has a destiny thing about him…

  • Greenflag

    Of course Australia can still make it to the final if they can beat either South Africa or New Zealand in which case I guess Ireland will just have to beat Australia again in the final but by more next time (a tongue in cheek comment )!

    The Pumas scored a big win over the Romanians who gave Scotland a tough game so nervy times ahead for the Caledonians methinks

  • ….and we might just be under-estimating the Italians.

  • Chris Donnelly

    I’ve always thought that Irish sportsmen and women find it hard to deal with the weight of expectation, coping best as the underdog.

    It looks like this will be put to the test in an anticipated q/final fixture with Wales and (hopefully) subsequent matchup against England or France, both of whom have shown in past World Cups that form leading into a World Cup need not restrict their ambitions.

  • Mick Fealty

    The thing that marked Clive Woodwards England team was their capacity to counter effectively the different games the various countries bring.

    Not sure Kidney (great coach that he is) quite there yet.

  • andnowwhat

    Absolutely amazing result. 6-15? Just brilliant .

    (BTW Moochinphotoman, check out a bit of Grafitti precisely at the Ravelnhill Rd/Embankment junction. I think it might be up your street)

  • Greenflag

    Sport as therapy and relief from ‘war ‘ or an ersatz for those adjusting to civvie street ? . It’s not rugby but some slugger readers may have played or watched this ancient game .

  • Light23

    Half of Ireland will be getting drunk tonight. The other half will be taking the night off from getting drunk in order to celebrate.

  • Kevsterino

    Excellent story, Greenflag. I’m having a look at the rugby, now. The action is so much more continuous than what I’m used to. If you blink you pretty much miss it. You folks must go through a lot of eye-drops.

  • OneNI

    Seymour et al. Remember Italy were minutes away frombeating Ireland in the Championship last year – albeit in Rome

  • HeinzGuderian

    ‘Favourites? That Australia victory last weekend was a wake up call for the Blacks and France in their usual despairing mood can do anything ….but for me Wales to beat the all Blacks in the final!’

    Oh dear………….

  • Mike the First

    What a win! I have to admit it was only until is was basically mathematically and temporally impossible for the Aussies to come back that I thought Ireland would win. A tream transformed, bring on the next games!

  • Mike the First

    For “thought”, read “allowed myself to believe”…

  • Ireland have the capacity to produce a performance, every now and again at an almost “white hot” intensity. I had a feeling that they would pull that out against either Australia or South Africa and so it proved.

    The big question now is “when will they do it again?”
    It is the sort of game that is extremely difficult to keep up in consecutive matches. I think that if they can win the next two matches without a big struggle, they will be ready to crank up the gears for the game against Wales or Samoa.

    By the way, the Wales – Samoa game is at 4.30 am in the morning. I think it will be worth being a little bit dewy-eyed (or should I say “dewi-eyed”) to watch what I think will be a cracker.

  • Dewi

    Stay awake or go to sleep?

  • Dewi

    Heinz – we’ll see….

  • Harry Flashman

    “2 words I think:

    Professional and fearless.”

    That’s three words Dewi.

  • Dewi

    I was waiting for that Harry….

  • babyface finlayson

    Great result. A pity Tommy Bowe can’t run fast though.
    Is no-one going to pull iluvni on his mischief about the “Republic’s team”

  • Henry94

    No, when the sport is going well politics is only a distraction.

  • lamhdearg

    all the home nations are doing well.

  • Dewi

    Scotland v Argentina looking tough Lam

  • I thought France looked very good this morning. Match against New Zealand next week could be the next upset.

  • Dewi

    Seymour – Wales won?

  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange

    Well done dewi- the welsh lads did very well. Thought Samoa would be too powerful for you but the welsh lads kept going well. Roberts in a craking 12 – one of my favourite players.

    Very interesting couple of weeks:
    NZ. hard to assess them – France will be a test. Generally they look good and home advantage should see them through. interesting that henry is playing centres on the wings. rugby is so physical at the minute that you basically want 15 beasts across the pitch, Sad the way things are going…

    SA would be my next favourites. Poor form in the tri-nations but they have a beast of a pack and a decent kicking game, However, they’ll probably have to beat Oz and NZ just to reach the final…

    After those two, it’s a toss-up with Ireland, Oz, England and France. Ireland have shown their hand and what they are capable of. However, the other 3 have yet to perform. England and France will have the big packs to contest up front and at the breakdown so they’ll do okay and will be hard to beat. Oz are a little light-weight in the backs for my liking but certainly have one big win in them.

    As for Ireland – well that win means anything is possible. Italy will be an incredibly tough game. Their pack will cause our set-piece a lot of difficulty and we’ll be under pressure. I think Ireland can win that one. QF means Wales and again that will be tough. Not much between the sides and a lot depends on injuries. Again, I’d fancy Ireland. Semi-final would look to be Eng or Fra but depends on the Fra-NZ game next week. I’d fancy Ireland to beat England but France would be a tricky one.

    So there you are, a potential RWC final to look forward to. SA or NZ would probably be too strong for Ireland but anyone else can be beaten…

  • Dewi

    FBFO – I honestly would not be surprised if Samoa beat South Africa.

  • Dewi,

    You should be ecstatic!

    Wales now have their best chance of reaching a semi final and a final since 1987. They just need the dice to roll their way, including New Zealand beating France.

    In fact, there is so little to chose between France, England, Ireland and Wales that I cant see any of them, presently, being a favourite to reach the final.

  • Greenflag

    @dewi ,

    I believe the total population of Samoa is about 180,000 -amazing that they can ‘recruit’a competitive team from such a small base . Wales and Ireland seem destined for a date with destiny to see who gets to defeat either France or England in the semi final .

    This will be the last hurrah for many on Ireland’s aging team so we can expect a never say die performance from then .

  • ulster rugby man

    Excellent result and I would guesss an Ireland versus France semi-final which we can win if we hold our nerve.