Rev. David Latimer at the Ard Fheis

For those that missed it you can see Martin McGuiness introduce his friend David Latimer to the Ard Fheis and then his speech from 15mins on:

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Mick Adds:

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  • Munsterview

    Apologies dearie ?

  • pippakin


    On Slugger, to a shinner? I seem to recall apologising to you once before, it was a long time ago. I have grown and learned… Make do!

  • Munsterview

    Yeah, just like married!

  • babyface finlayson

    I sometimes wonder if MV is for real. Could it be his purpose here is to undermine and demoralise other republicans ?
    Something about his style reminds me of another poster who used to take on all comers with an endless supply of anecdotes.
    “Ding ding”.
    But as I don’t have a thousand pounds to back it up, I immediately withdraw my remarks.

  • Munsterview

    babyf : “….But as I don’t have a thousand pounds to back it up, I immediately withdraw my remarks…..”

    And they say the Wee Northerners are slow learners ?

    ( And you were ‘cute hoor’ enough to pose a question rather than stating a fact,but never the less conveying the impression you wanted. Nice one ‘baby’ keep that up and you could be another Turgon without the metaphors )

    Two brief observations

    1) Given that I have consistently supported Sinn Fein and in general the Peace Process, how many Republicans opposed to the current Mainstream Sinn Fein strategy have you seen argumentative or abusive with regard to my comments?

    I am not apparently too successful on my efforts at ‘undermining and demoralizing of other Republicans’ ?

    I am sure never the less all Republicans of whatever shade of opinion, ideology or strategy
    in prison, out of it, in the Assembly or in Government or even those in graveyards ( cannot forget some of our most consistent voters) will be most gratified by your concern for their wellbeing and their unity. On their behalf may I sincerely thank you for your anxiety regarding their welfare !

    As to ‘endless supply of anecdotes’ that’s of what comes from a very full 60 + years and a few fine women along the way !

    2) I am in reasonably frequent contact with Mick by em and occasionally by phonecall. Mick know who I am ( did not save me getting wrongly carded though ) and ‘Baby’, that being so
    if Mick were to see me use or abuse slugger facilities outside the spirit of this site, then that also is a reflection on Mick and on slugger. Do you think that he would tolerate that very long?

    I have had my differences with Mick also about what I consider his unwarranted toleration of a certain party here in slugger. However no hard feelings, the thought of a chopper of Israeli Commandos suddenly swooping into his back garden must have a restraining effect. After all Mick is a news hound and media savvy, he knows what happens to Palestinians who ‘step out of line’ as far as certain parties go. Nuff said !

  • babyface finlayson

    I don’t know about being a cute hoor, but I am the cutist bandit bandit in the west. Yuk yuk!
    As for the rest; I have no idea if you really are all you say you are or not. But I think when you start second guessing about commenters’ true motives, as I just did with you, then you are through the looking glass. Surely better just to address the arguement.

  • Neil

    Ding ding. Christ that was annoying.

  • cailin alainn

    MV: “Please keep up the flow of information from your own special perspective……Just keep in mind who you are writing for and who you want to reach”

    MV Thanks for the vote of confidence but the problem is that I don’t really have a target audience; I am just a busy Mum of 4 for whom time management is a constant challenge! Most of the time I try to stay out of politics & just get on with the business of living.
    I have a N.I. prod friend who loves all things Irish & during an online dialogue last weekend about Rev L’s visit to the Ard Fheis I was sent a link to this blog & couldn’t resist signing on & adding my point of view. I then of course got drawn into further blogging, mainly by your good self.
    TBH I now need to retreat to anonymity again & concentrate on all those thing good wives & mothers do!
    If I still have a functional brain by the time I reach retirement (66yrs says the UK Government) I may come back & look for you 🙂

  • Limerick

    As to ‘endless supply of anecdotes’ that’s of what comes from a very full 60 + years and a few fine women along the way !

    “Not to mention Jackie Kennedy (but that’s another story) who I had met during a trip to consult with Martin Luther King. I had visited MLK to discuss ways in which we might work together to further the course of civil rights in our two juristictions.

    When I first met him we sat down and I outlined some of my ideas to which he seemed quite enamoured. However he had never heard of the occupied six counties and happily stated that he was quite unaware of any issues with which we might have anything in common.

    I soon put him right. I began by listing the grievances which the real Irish people there had, and explained to him that they were much worse than anything his people might think that they were suffering from. At this he was at first wide eyed and began shaking (obviously he was deeply moved) from head to foot, as his aides (also wide eyed) placed their hands on his shoulders as if to hold him down.

    As I carefully listed the grievances, and went through them in detail, however his eyes began to undergo a change from blazing anger to a sort of glazed over apprearance, and his head began to nod. (Apparently he had been travelling for a long time without any sleep and was exhausted)

    “I know how you feel Dr King, but I look upon sleep as a luxury from which I take the opportunity to seek inspiration. I had a dream…..”

    No sooner were the words out of my mouth than the good Dr leapt to his feet.

    “Motherf….! Hot damn! That’s it!”

    I was ushered out, and the rest as they say is history. (Though I never forgave him for plagiarising me without making mention of the beleaguered minority in the Orange State)

    As an interesting side note when I later related the story to the ‘Sean Russell Cumann’ in Alabama I was hounded out of town. Apparently they were blaming me for the lack of comment mentioned above.”

  • Munsterview

    ‘baby’ : “….As for the rest; I have no idea if you really are all you say you are or not……”

    Well at least you had the common sense and basic intelligence not to get boxed into the same cul-de-sac that Turgon and the “Oh look at me I am so clever” pseudo poster named for a certain European region Internationally associated with horses and crime, did!

    Anytime you want to risk a ‘K’ get back to me !

    As to your…”.. But I think when you start second guessing about commenters’ true motives, ”

    I have absolutely no problems the ideas or opinions of somebody such as Turgon, however misguided or erroneous I may personally consider them to be. To raid the same Windy Admiral’s sea chest for a suitable metaphor, he has nailed his colors to the mast and and he is also a man of honor ( betting challenges exempted ) who is prepared to go down with the ship rather than take to the longboats.

    ( Of course the fact that his ship has run on the beach in a placid little backwater political cove where nobody really bothers with it make take some of the luster out of his stand for ungenerous souls but I am not, I am glad to say, numbered among such people ! )

    It is however an entirely different story with the poster who has a different hat for every occasion. He openly presents here in slugger as somebody most concerned as to how Republicans have been hoodwinked by the British Establishment and Government.

    This gentleman while holding an Irish Passport ( he claims ), also by his own admission, is a dual citizen and also holds an Israeli Passport and is an Israeli Citizen. As such he is an unconditional supporter of Israeli expansionist policies and his opinions of the Palestinian peoples makes Turgon’s views on the Provos seem positively benign!

    The British Government, once they had sorted out the initial differences with Israeli and there have been a history since of co-operation and mutual assistance. In an increasingly critical Europe Britain is in fact Britain is Israelis best friend. And Alias is an enemy of Britain ? Right!

    The other side of that particular coin is that any friends of the Palestinian Peoples who support them against the Israeli occupation and oppression, as Provisional Sinn Fein do and have done consistently since the Reorganization, is by Alias values, an enemy of Israel and therefore his enemy also.

    Of course if Alias sailed under his true colors like the Windy Admiral, he would get short shift for overt anti-Republican attacks. Instead he feigns concern for Republicans and ‘betrayal of ideals’ by attempting to set different sections of the wider Republican family against each other.
    Where Republicans are concerned he is a determined agent provocateur and attempted mischief maker of the that is as much an enemy of British policy against Republicans as Britain is of Israeli policies towards the Palestinians.

    As a Republican supporter I have both a right and a responsibility to expose Alias and his agenda as I do any other pro British propagandist. No more need be said on the subject for now !

  • Munsterview

    Cailin : understandable but regrettable ! You have a unique perspective and there is some Unionist ‘middle ground’ prepared to listen, I have found that long ago through Trad and Culture circles up there.

    I too came on this site accidently, I had read for years as I do several other sites but I only contribute to two others occasionally. I came on in fact to support a certain CSA victim and let her see that people inside the wider Republican Community cared and were concerned. I also intended to drop back out again after a week or two.

    I would have also had it not been for Turgon and Co and their antics. You can see the latest effort in discrediting by ‘Limerick’ I was carded and banned some weeks back so the the ‘Clever Charlie’ behind ‘Limerick’ got a chance to establish the persona.

    The last such anti-Republican ‘poser poster’ ‘Masky’ had been systematically unmasked by me was rendered useless so that ‘persona’ disappeared over the horizon from slugger but I was told that the same ‘poser poster’ was still beavering away in another site doing exactly the same thing, spreading argument and distraction to disrupt dialogue and agreement. If you can answer the old ‘cui bono’ question, then you will understand just how despicable behavior all this is!

    Cailin please reflect a moment on AC and the atm there, that is the way things can be up there too and we all have a part to play on that. I am unashamedly pushing buttons here, but if you want things different for your children you need to make a difference where ever possible yourself.

    I have plenty of decent Prod friends up there like the late Davie Hammond and James Simmons and their circles to name but two. Many years ago I attended an artistic event hosted by a Catholic Republican artist in a special Belfast venue but open to all. You should have seen it, groups of trad and other musicians playing in all the floors and Catholic, Protestant and Dissenter mixing and talking on all sides no problem. This was well back into the troubles.

    I know all the problems of a few kids and family etc, been there, wore that T shirt, but there are other things at issue here. Would you consider contacting and sending your on your em through them. I can give you a lot of convincing reasons as to why you should continue even if you only contributed a few posts the weekend or whatever.

    As I said you have a a very special perspective and a rather unique one up there about real protestant community life down here and that story should be told and shared. It can be a little rough at times I know, but anyone who knew Daisy and ‘the Treasure’ should have learned how to neatly ‘tap an ankle’ or two and get away with it ! Not that an Old AC girl would necessarly do that of course ?

  • Greenflag

    And now for the Agent Orange provocateurs of Sandy Row a.k,a St Simons Orange Lodge who are doing their bit to maintain their high minded principles to prove to the world outside how bloody stupid they can be when an occasion presents .

    ‘Two senior Ulster Unionists face Orange Order disciplinary hearings after attending the funeral of Ronan Kerr.’

    Not just senior the actual UUP Party Leader Tom Elliot and Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy .

    They’ll get a right rogering for having the temerity to attend a funeral mass for PSNI Constable Kerr who was murdered by dissidents .

    Maybe attending a funeral mass for a PSNI officer who happened to be a Catholic is for the Simple Simon Orange Order Lodge of Sandy Row one of the ten things that the Invisible Man in the sky who can’t handle money and always wants more doesn’t want the loyal members to do otherwise they get zapped on a shish kebab skewer for all eternity .

    Who said bullshit ?