Margaret Ritchie is to step down as SDLP’s leader

And so NI’s worst kept secret is finally out. Margaret Ritchie is to step down as SDLP leader. Leaving the field open to Patsy McGlone and any other challengers.

  • Mr Redfellow,
    I havent number crunched 2011 …..too bloody depressing to be honest. But youre right Ms Lo did attract votes from all over. I physically watched that happen.
    Nevin, the event in question was the launch of “Líofa 2015” the Irish language initiative. It was not attended (so far as I am aware) by any members of DUP so cross community hugging was only confined to SF and UUP.

    I do think its a peculiarity that SDLP and SF members are at daggers drawn……….and UUP and DUP members are at daggers drawn.
    In some cases it borders on Hatred.
    Yet nationalists and unionists can get on quite reasonably……and properly so. There is of course the fact that nationalists and unionists are not in competition for votes.
    Few if any people expect SF to lose a vote to the UUP
    or DUP to lose a vote to SDLP.
    My point is that AP is a rival for votes from SDLP and UUP and have in my view taken undue undemocratic advantage of both…….therefore I cant see their “huggability factor” to SDLP as being in any way deserved..