Current World Athletic Championship Gold Medal Table

Russia 4
Kenya 4
Wales 1
Germany 1
Jamiaca 1
China 1
Ethiopia 1
Botswana 1
Brazil 1
Grenada 1
Japan 1
New Zealand 1
Poland 1
Ukraine 1
England 0
Scotland 0
Ireland (South) 0
Ireland (North) 0
Ireland Combined 0

Just thought it worth a mention….

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  • Drumlins Rock

    Ireland has three teams?

  • Micheál


  • For those who enjoy athletics, you can see Dai Green winning his gold medal and, later, draping himself with a union jack!

  • Mick Fealty


    Were you just intent on freezing this rare moment of Welsh glory in time, or are you going to update them with that English Silver?

  • HeinzGuderian

    Could have sworn a rower from Northere ireland got a Gold for Great Britain as well ?? 😉

  • Mick,

    The winning of the silver by the English Athlete happened before the Gold medal. Dewi has deliberately headed the post “Gold Medal” table.

    It is an attention – grabbing exercise for Welsh Nationalism – which, frankly, I find pretty pathetic

  • Mick Fealty


    At the World Athletics Championship? That’s gotta be a first!!

  • Mick Fealty

    My mistake!!! It’s a Gold Medal table!!

  • Mark

    Hey Mick , is mistake a typo ?

  • Dewi

    Apologies to all – Personally I appeciate all the work required to compete at this level and well done to all for coming second..but we won (Seymour – chill!!)

  • Dewi,

    Dont tell me to chill. If you cant write anything more stimulating than that, then get out of the kitchen

  • Pete Baker


    David [Dai] Green’s victory in the 400m hurdles was a great achievement. For him.

    And he was competing for the United Kingdom. As his celebration after crossing the line made clear. Wales don’t have a team in competition, neither do England, Scotland nor Ireland (North). But you know that.

    Hannah England’s silver in the 1500m final was more of a surprise result.

    And more interesting and significant stories from the World Athletics Championship to date would include Usain Bolt’s disqualification in the 100m final for a false start.

    Or Dayron Robles disqualification in the 110m hurdles after winning the event on the track.

    Is man from Wales wins medal really such an unusual event that you felt compelled to produce such a skewed post on it?

  • Dewi

    Yes – Welsh athletes don’t win World Championships often – why on earth can’t i celebrate? -Pete – it is an unusual event – indeed only the second time,…

  • Mark

    Gold medal Pete … and when you consider the heights english athletes have achieved in the past ( Coe , Ovett , Christie , Thompsom etc ) it is big news when ” Great Britain ” relies on little oul Wales to make it onto a Gold Medal Tally Board .

  • Dewi

    Seymour – surely if an athete from NI had won you would celebrate?

  • Pete Baker


    There isn’t a “Gold Medal Tally Board”.

    That was another of Dewi’s inventions.


    “Welsh athletes don’t win World Championships often”

    This is only the 13th World Athletics Championship.

    But that’s not the point, is it?

  • Mark

    Yeah Pete I know that …but you get my point about Dai Green winning the only gold of the Great Britain team …

  • Dewi

    Good grief Pete – it is one of my inventions I know! – but I’m delighted a Welsh bloke has won a gold medal – first since Colin Jackson – why the grumpiness?

  • Pete Baker


    “but I’m delighted a Welsh bloke has won a gold medal”

    “why on earth can’t i celebrate?”

    The original post isn’t much of a celebration of Dai Green’s victory, though. Is it?

    And I cheered watching the live coverage as he crossed the line.

    But I’m with Seymour on this.

    The actual post is rather petty and, frankly, pathetic.

  • babyface finlayson

    Congratulations to Dai Green I say. He always looked quietly confident, even against Culson, the man managed by the great Michael Johnson.
    I’m not to keen on Nationalism, but I see no harm in a bit of gloating when the local lad does well. Pay no heed Dewi.

  • Mark

    Pete ,

    Why did you refer to him as David and not Dai in you’re 9.07 pm post ?

  • Pete Baker


    I referred to him as both in that 9.07pm comment.

    Because he’s registered as David Green [that’s the name he’s entered under in the event], but everyone, including the commentary team, calls him Dai.

    Much as he’s competing for the UK team, but Dewi insists on recording his gold medal in his ‘table’ as one for Wales.

  • Mark

    And his reason’s seemed perfectly understandable considering it’s not everyday a Welsh athlete wins a Gold medal at the World Athletics Championship .

    And in the spirit of the thread and the fact that he goes by Dai as opposed to name he entered in ( as I imagine that’s all to do with red tape regarding names on passports etc ) would you not let Dewi enjoy his moment …

  • Mark

    cont – on the other hand Pete , you have a reputation as a stickler for the rules and indeed details so maybe it was just a case of you being you ….

  • Mark

    BTW – No man playing going on here …

  • Pete Baker


    “would you not let Dewi enjoy his moment …”

    As I said,

    “The original post isn’t much of a celebration of Dai Green’s victory, though. Is it?”

  • Mark

    Well he does highlight Wales achievement by blatantly ignoring the tradition alalphabetical systems where teams are in a joint position , in this case fourth .

    But I am struggling after that …..

  • lamhdearg

    Dewi, com’on you are on slugger long enough to know that seperating Ulster/N.I. from Britian, would cause a ripple of discontent. well done the Welshman in winning that GOLD, for him self, and the G.B. team. i would like to see the British isle’s (all 5 countrys + islands) clean up in London 2012.

  • Dewi

    Dear me – just wait till the Rugby World Cup blogs..

  • Oh FFS!
    The post was tongue in cheek fellas

  • sonofstrongbow

    Did Dai raise a clenched fist wearing a red dragon glove puppet at the medal presentation?

  • Seimi

    Considering the multiple posts on the ethnicity of golfers and footballers (and at least one Cricketer), I think Dewi is quite entitled to celebrate a Welshman winning a gold medal. Fair play to him 🙂