Celtic myths and legends … will there (shortly) be dragons in Belfast City Hall?

As part of the ongoing work to rebalance the sense of shared space and history at Belfast City Hall, a Celtic-themed stained glass window is being commissioned to “reflect Celtic myths and legends”. The window will be located close to the main reception, and is intended to represent cultural perspectives and promote a “City Hall for all”.

Any budding artists and/or stained glass glaziers might want to check out the tender document. Deadline for submissions is noon on Friday 16 September, with the project due to complete by the end of February 2012.

£22,000 has been set aside (three quarters from the Community Relations Unit at OFMdFM and one quarter from the City Council’s Strategic Policy and Resources Committee).

celtic dragon suncatcher by grassymtarts on EtsyI wonder would this Celtic Dragon Suncatcher stained glass artwork fit the bill? It was advertised (and sold) on Etsy by ‘grassymtarts’ back in February 2009.

It might fall down the evaluation criterion that looks for “evidence of creativity, originality and level of professionalism” though it would be hard to fault that its ‘there be dragons’ motif perfectly meets the “appropriateness of design for the site – sensitivity to context and awareness of practicalities of the site” criterion!

Over recent years, a number of new art works have been installed in the name of the “City Hall for all”.

… stained-glass windows on the subjects of the Irish Famine and the Belfast Dockers’ Strike, as well as a commissioned bust of Mary Ann McCracken (sister of United Irishman, Henry Joy McCracken), have helped to broaden and enrich the historical content in Belfast’s most iconic building.

Maybe Slugger readers could crowdsource a design that would “reflect Celtic myths and legends”? Suggestions in the comments below …

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  • HeinzGuderian

    A Tiger.*simples* 😉

  • A portrait of Paddy McCourt?

  • Cynic2

    Just the sort of thing to spend money on at this time. No pointy spending it on jobs or benefits or any of that nonsense. Our leaders in the Council have the mojo to pay for a window with a dragon on it.

    Surely, if they really really really needed one they could have sought commercial sponsorship. Perhaps that would have been too much trouble.

  • Cynic2

    Celtic legends?

    I propose Neil Lennon.

    Purely to ensure the money isn’t wasted on this nonsense.

  • sonofstrongbow

    I tender an outline of the island of Ireland (in green of course) with ’32 County State’ superimposed on it.

    Is that not a “Celtic myth and legend”?

  • Shameless self-promotion but see an earlier poem for the day.

  • Mainland Ulsterman

    What about a depiction of some dodgy 19th Century academics hunched over their desks, inventing Celticism?

  • lamhdearg

    Assuming they are not going to knock a new hole/window in the city hall, what window will it replace?

  • Cynic2

    I take it all back. This is an ideal subject for a window in City Hall. From Wikipedia

    “the stories of the Ulster Cycle depict a country with no effective central authority, divided into local and provincial kingdoms” (that’s DUP support in the bag)

    “The civilisation depicted is a pagan, pastoral one ruled by a warrior aristocracy” (DUP, SF and UUP)

    Wealth is reckoned in cattle.(Manna from heaven for Tom Elliott and the Fermanagh Unionist Party and the tweedy 4×4 section of the SDLP)

    “The characters’ actions are sometimes restricted by religious taboos known as geasa.” (That’s the OO and Catholic Church in the bag.)

    Most dsiputes are also sorted out by battles at fords in Rivers (nuances of the Boyne there)

    Very cross community then. It’s a cert to go ahead but I have a suggestion. Forget the Ulster cycle and go for something more modern. Perhaps the myth that Belfast City Councillors know what they are doing with our money

  • sonofstrongbow


    A most interesting question. I wonder what’s on the windee in the Lord Mayor’s parlour; assuming there is one and it’s not some sort of bunker ?

    Btw I see you have joined me in The Most Ancient and Noble Kindred of the Yellow Scribes. Welcome Brother.

    My taint was awarded for an artistic critique of a certain artisan paparazzo. I’ve now sworn of commenting on POTD (too many sensitive types over on thon threed) just in case my fever becomes a permanent affliction.

  • sonofstrongbow


    Each to their own I suppose. I just can’t see the merit in the work, artistic or otherwise.

    Anyway time to put on my spangly bodysuit I’m off to the carnival!

  • Cu Chulainn and a brown bull.

  • Cynic2


    Look on it as a mark of dissent my son and wear it with pride. The Card Fairy strikes suddenly and seemingly sometimes at random

    Unless of course it was Jaundice

  • Nunoftheabove

    ‘Bout time there was a decent oriental restaurant in the centre of town. I’ll all for it.