A poem for the day – Auld Licht

This hasn’t been published before, so – a Slugger exclusive! Not often I use Scots but it seemed appropriate…

Auld Licht
For Nelson McCausland
So tha warl’s nae auld—
ony a matter o a few
thoosan year,
an nae accident ither?
It didni jist poap
intil existence,
ye tell me there wiz
a boady whit made it a?
Ack, weans micht credit thon,
an yins saft in the heid
or oot ti tak the haun,
but no me. Turn
oan yir wireless
maun, an tune oot
Thocht fer the Dee:
d’ye hear thon bizz
an fissle? Thon
isnae soond, thon’s licht,
licht sae auld
it’s bin streekit.
Thon’s the first glisk
o spacetime, a hairst
blink o a warl
aulder an mair of a ferlie
than they daft yarns
in your guid buik,
mair byous.
Wid ye no tak tent?

  • pauluk

    Hey Martin, you might enjoy a wee browse around this informative website. You never, you might learn something!

  • pauluk

    You never know, you might learn something!

  • Cheers Paul, know it well. Makes me laugh, I’m afraid.

  • pauluk

    No problem, Martin. I’m sure you also know then that God is laughing right back at you. (Psalms 2:4, 37:13, 59:8, Luke 6:25)

  • Glad I’ve given Him something to smile about. Can’t be much fun keeping an eye on human goings on these last few millennia.

  • JR

    I enjoied that martin. I read once that northern Ireland has the highest percentage of population who believe in creation in the world.

  • Cheers, JR. I don’t actually think that, beyond an articulate and highly-motivated fringe, the local religious give much thought to the issue.

    But as US-style conservative envangelicalism (or fundamentalist christianity?) raises its international profile, the topic is becoming more of a battleground. I’m not a believer (ha! I’m so atheist I think Dawkins is a sell-out!) but I don’t see that for anyone but an absolute literalist there’s any difficulty with accepting an old and evolving universe and a supreme supernatural being.

    Though the absolute literalists have other problems to deal with. Like metaphor and simile. The parables (was Christ lying?) The visions of St John.

    I’m no theologian, but I know a bit about language, and it can never safely be taken literally….

  • Mainland Ulsterman

    Just read that Martin, really enjoyed it.

  • JR

    I agree with you on the literalists. Taking the old testiment for example from an archeological point of view it has as much historical credibility as the adventures of Fionn Mac Comhaill and even if it were accurate the translation into english has quite a few errors.

    I wouldn’t be an athiest. I believe in a God. I am a practicing Catholic but if I am to be honest at the moment am more of an admirer of Christ than a believer in him.

  • Thanks, Mainland. I enjoyed writing it, I confess.

    JR, I’m with you on admiring the work and social teaching of Jesus, just don’t think we need the ‘superstructure’.