A poem for the day – Auld Licht

This hasn’t been published before, so – a Slugger exclusive! Not often I use Scots but it seemed appropriate…

Auld Licht
For Nelson McCausland
So tha warl’s nae auld—
ony a matter o a few
thoosan year,
an nae accident ither?
It didni jist poap
intil existence,
ye tell me there wiz
a boady whit made it a?
Ack, weans micht credit thon,
an yins saft in the heid
or oot ti tak the haun,
but no me. Turn
oan yir wireless
maun, an tune oot
Thocht fer the Dee:
d’ye hear thon bizz
an fissle? Thon
isnae soond, thon’s licht,
licht sae auld
it’s bin streekit.
Thon’s the first glisk
o spacetime, a hairst
blink o a warl
aulder an mair of a ferlie
than they daft yarns
in your guid buik,
mair byous.
Wid ye no tak tent?