“The politics of community are privileged…”

Eamonn McCann on Class politics and communal conflict in Northern Irish Politics from Paula Geraghty on Vimeo.

Not new but nevertheless an interesting critique from Eamon McCann who notes that whilst a third of the NI population define themselves as neither British nor Irish, the politics of exclusive identity prevail under the conditions set by the Belfast Agreement…

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  • Seeking definition for the verb “to vilge”.

  • It’s a shame that Eamonn didn’t make it into the Assembly 🙂

  • Drumlins Rock

    I almost gave up when he said Deeny was from Mid-Ulster, the rest is stating the obvious, and most people accept changes will be needed to give equal weighting to “others”, however I think our current others in the form of Alliance have more than benefited from the current system, stealing an extra ministry. Everything he said has been aid by many others.

  • Greenflag

    Agree with Nevin that it’s a shame Eamonn did’nt make it into the Assembly . He’d have been their first and only ‘intellectual ‘ 😉 .

    On the broader points he raises re nationalism and it’s flexibility in response to current economic travails – see how the Scots are coping .The ‘nationalisms’ within Northern Ireland cannot be easily discounted . This most people in NI now know and understand even if it’s taken 40 years to get to the present stand off .

    In short Eamonn seems to accept that this is as good as it can get for the ‘absolutists’ on both sides of the orange and green divide and in that he’s correct . The fact that a third of ‘respondents in the life and times surveys state they are Northern Irish rather than British or Irish is not a surprise . The political history of NI since 1920 has been a very different brand from that of either the Republic or the rest of the UK .

    But where is the ‘Marxist ‘ solution for the current world financial and monetary crisis ? Never mind the Marxists- even the traditional leftists of British Labour or German Social Democracy have no answers or have ‘surrendered ‘ any remaining vestiges of a creditable alternative to the current malaise to the forces of plutocratic reaction and corporate financial fascism .

  • Stu DeNimm

    Certainly no one would mistake McCann for anything but a Northern Irelander after hearing his accent.

    Does the SWP’s program now call for a six-county socialist republic?

  • FuturePhysicist

    I doubt that McCann would’ve been the only Assembly intellectual, they were quite a few highly qualified people who weren’t journalists who’ve been elected and some very bright politicians like off the top of my head David Ervine.