Drum and base

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  • lamhdearg

    is it ok to show pics of children breaking the law on here, but not in the irish news.

  • As a state of the nation piece i think The The nailed it with Heartland which amazingly is from 1986!

  • Mark McGregor


    The main and maybe only thing I liked about the piece I linked was the core sample of BnT drums.

  • Nunoftheabove

    The sample loop is very infectious, irritatingly so in fact – lovely hurling. Desperately derivative visuals and lyric but to be fair to the kid he’s kept his accent.

    This may alarm and/or sober people of a certain age or musical orientation up. Give or take no more than a month or two, it’s as long since Efil4zaggin was released as Efil4zaggin was from the release of Sticky Fingers. Christ, Can’t Buy A Thrill hadn’t even been recorded let alone released yet.

  • It is a clever sample right enough. Belfast Jig is the tune by the sound of it.

    The subliminal propaganda within the video is typical of the narrative Republicanism is trying to continually write for the last 40 years though. Revising history. Despite Republicanism being responsible for more deaths than any other belligerant, and despite Republicanism being responsible for the vast majority of all those injured since 1968, we still get treated to a video that focuses primarily on Loyalist/ British symbolism and parades. The subliminal message is clear.

    Its another piece of hyperbole masquerading as a neutral commentary, when it has in fact an Irish Republican agenda.

    As a piece of music/ art its not bad though.

  • oracle

    Imbecilic bordering on nauseous, turn the video off and listen again to the (god I can’t believe I’m about to use this word) lyrics but be warned have a bucket handy.

  • PJ Maybe

    With the outburst of all this (and I hesitate to use the word) “creativity” should we assume it’s the time of the year when O’Toole submits the letter to NI Screen for another 12 months funding? “

  • Drumlins Rock

    PJ, that would imply some sort of “coherence” to slugger, having met most of the recent contributors the chances of that are slim, even if Mick arranged a piss up in a brewery, Turgon & myself will probably sabotage it on behalf of the temperance league. The more likely cause of the outburst is what has long been called the silly season, too many people with time on their hands to fritter away on line.

    As for the clip, quite catchy, but the video tries to do too much, should have focused it tighter on the parading issue alone.

  • Pete Baker

    “The more likely cause of the outburst is what has long been called the silly season”

    Except that the “silly season” is governed by the need for broadcasters, and newspapers, to fill empty space – either to air or to print.

    There is no such requirement for a blog.

    Which just leaves idle hands… and little brain.

  • Pete Baker


    That’s a general point.

    Not a specific one.

  • Drumlins Rock

    pete, the blog feeds of news, and if it ain’t getting fed by the mainstream it goes hoking in the bins for scraps!

    idle hands true,

    little brains.. who are you trying to insult?

  • Not sure the video is even about parades, just about growing up in ‘the troubles’ and ‘division’: band used to bring in the loop. Perhaps a Belfast Parade might have been used and not the end of Craigavon Bridge in Londonderry, but then maybe that is where the best parade of the year takes place.

    Clever and not at all bad. Just a bit depressing.

  • vanhelsing

    The sample and looping of the drums was excellent, the rest was pants:)

  • amateuranthropology

    Quincey reckons that the rapper is a republican, but I’d be prepared to wager that he was not, and furthermore that he lives in PUL East Belfast. Can anyone confirm?

  • Drumlins Rock

    There is 27mm between his eyes, is that too close?

  • south_down

    If you’re looking for clever sampling you could do no better than this…


    It’s nothing to do with the topic, i just like it.

  • Ha Buttery Biscuit Base 🙂

  • For smart intelligent rapping look no further than US3 and what they did with 1950’s Blue Note recordings. Jazz purists hate it but i think this is brilliant……

  • lamhdearg


  • lamhdearg

    Where did my first comment go?. was it offensive?. me thinks not. goodbye.