And then there were four….

Interesting it seems to have taken so long to get even a modicum of competition in the energy market place here. But it seems the monopoly enjoyed by the company formerly known as NIE Energy is to face hefty competition from three others…


  • lamhdearg


  • Can be good if the regulator keeps a close eye to ensure no Enron type shenanigans.

  • Drumlins Rock

    Can I just mention a small warning, the “offers” aren’t always as good as they first look, and I have heard talk of “hard sell” tactics being used, so do your homework before you sign anything.
    As for the name change of NIE, for once this made sense as the grid (now owned by ESB, well until it is privatized probably) is also called NIE, which caused a lot of confusion as they are unconnected now I believe.

  • That is more than a small warning, DR. When we had a modicum of deregulation in Electricity and an expansion of natural gas distribution, areas were flooded with marketers trying to sign up customers and did the hard sell being economical with the truth in many cases. And the contracts were literally filled with very small print unable to read unless you use a magnifier. The government should get out in front and educate the public.

  • The Raven

    Note what was said at the end, there. The “forward-purchased” energy runs out sometime this autumn. All consumers will be faced with 20-30% price hike.

    At the minute, you pays your money, you switch on your appliance and your dial just works harder to rack up those units as you consume. There’s a wider issue here about power needs that just seems to be getting dodged.