Sunday Supplement – guest poem

I thought I’d scheduled this to appear yesterday, and it may well show up tomorrow instead. But I didn’t want to let the weekend go by without it, so…

Matt Matt Kirkham was born in Luton in 1966, lives in the Ards peninsula, and works as a teacher. he was featured in Blackstaff’s New Soundings anthology of writing from the QUB writers’ group, and in Lagan Press’s Poetry Introductions 1. His collection The Lost Museums won the 2007 Rupert and Eithne Strong Award for a first collection.

Public disorder has been much on our minds this week, and this poem from that prize-winning collection touches on the aftermath.

The Museum of Chillies

I’m waiting, in my Skoda,
for the lights to turn.
It’s no secret that history

can make men cry. The tarmac here is scorched
where boys set a bus burning
like the mouth of a conquistador.