Internment bonfire closes Westlink…

Given the preoccupation over the past month among many regarding the ill’s and evil’s of bonfires, its surprising that the events of last night have raised relatively few eyebrows. A Divis Street internment anniversary bonfire last night resulted in substantial chaos. One of the busiest thoroughfares in the Province (if not the busiest), the Westlink, was impassable for several hours. Several other surrounding roads were also closed. A relatively small crowd, reported as being a few hundred, was involved in the disturbances which included the building of barricades and further fires, and the throwing of petrol bombs. Events took an even more sinister turn after midnight when several shots were fired. Was this the return of the Divis Hoods Liberation Army or just a normal communal commemoration?

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  • april showers

    So just the one bonfire? and a few drunken idiots instead of thousands?

    Whats your complaint

    Tell you what, next year you have just the one bonfire with a few drunkem idiots and we won’t complain about it either

  • ranger1640

    OneNI “yawn”!

    A crowd of hundreds of republicans attend a bonfire, then there is the attempted murder of police, as shoots are fired from the area of the bonfire by those attending the bonfire.

    Karol McKee of the Falls Residents’ Association condemned the trouble and said the organisation wanted such incidents “to be a thing of the past”.

    Maybe his organization (I assume a Sinn Fein approved organization) could assist and forward the names of known alleged IRA dissidents or criminal elements within his community over to the PSNI.

    Looks like there was plenty of them there tyre’s on the that there bonfire.

  • between the bridges

    but surely there was a parade or at least the sound of music to spark of these glorious defenders?

  • between the bridges

    On second thoughts, perhaps there’s a funding review coming up?

  • JR

    I said it at the 12th and I’ll say it now. Bonfires should be wood only, have the permission of the landowner and those who build them should be responsible for the cleanup.

  • Neil

    The difference being that in Nationalist communities politicians and community leaders try to prevent the bonfires, which these days are pretty much attended by hoods only.

    But if you want condemnation I would imagine you’ll get it. I’ll start the ball rolling – it’s a bad idea in either Republican or Loyalist areas and should be stopped.

    Now let’s hear you say the same about your lot.

  • april showers


    the police haven’t said shoots were fired and they definately are not claiming they were fired at the police

    Is your reading comprehension indicative of the problems in PUL education

  • Toastedpuffin

    April showers,

    From UTV: “Police say three or four shots were heard by officers on the ground, at which point they withdrew. A spokesperson said they are still investigating if the shots were directed at their officers”

  • Bonfires are dirty, destructive, & dangerous where ever they are.

    Why anyone would want to hold one in their local community baffles me, in my opinion they simply equate to shitting on your own doorstep.

  • ranger1640

    “Shots have been fired and petrol bombs thrown at police in west Belfast during a bonfire marking the 40th anniversary of internment”.

    Maybe the republicans fired the shots just to scare the police.

    “Police say three or four shots were heard by officers on the ground, at which point they withdrew”.

    The PSNI on the ground reported shots and withdrew.
    Should they wait until an officer gets shot to satisfy your blood lust.

  • Why did no one anticipate that this particular bonfire would cause traffic chaos? Whose responsibility would that be?

  • lamhdearg

    People in glass house’s. is not a saying we live by in Ulster, for months yap yap yap, bonfires are bad, then it all go’s quite over there, shh. next summer when the annual bonfire and bands bashing starts , those of a non irish nats leaning, should just post links to storys like this, (and the the irish nationalist bands(see cookstown st pats day) telling locals to fuck of), post links without further comment, whatabout that.

  • sonofstrongbow

    Irish Republican spin-meisters will come to the fore on this one.

    Usual strategy:

    1. Whataboutery.
    2. It’s the hoods/antisocial elements (as with the attacks from Republicans on houses bordering Short Strand and other interface areas).
    3. It didn’t happen.

  • iluvni

    And by God, did I see a photo in the Irish News this morning with a Newry bonfire bedecked in Union flags, Ulster flags and some ourweecountry flags too…..and loads of tyres….

  • Joe Bloggs

    Once again our fellow Nationalist countrymen refuse to acknowledge the jungle in their own backyard whilst pointing and complaining about the weeds in ours.

    Parades, flags, bonfires, murals, whinge, gurn, mope – all while the exact same things they complain about go on in their own community!

    Sort your own problems out before commenting on any failings within the Unionist community.

  • JR

    I saw that photo of the bonfire in Newry. It was a disgrace. Every bit as much a disgrace as the dozens of loyalist bonfires throughout the North on the 11th night. Wouldn’t you agree Joe, lanhdhearg,Son of S?

  • tacapall

    I see the usuall loyalist neanderthals are first out of the traps with condemnation of others, unlike other threads concerning loyalist violence where they simply engage in diversion, whataboutery, anything except condemning loyalist violence.

  • PeterBrown

    “they simply engage in diversion, whataboutery, anything except condemning (loyalist) violence”

    I’ll get back to you on that one Tacapall – it’s just I need to go and reset my Irony Alarm as something has just set it off. Can you maybe help me find out what it was?

  • ranger1640

    iluvni “And by God, did I see a photo in the Irish News this morning with a Newry bonfire bedecked in Union flags, Ulster flags and some ourweecountry flags too…..and loads of tyres”….

    And MP missed that one and the one at Divis St. He must be out of the country. I know how he loves to take photos of bonfires, no hold on. He only likes to take photos of loyalist bonfires.

    My personal opinion, bonfires should be in designated areas, with no tyres.

  • williammcc

    why is that some of the comments on here seem to use the theory “if loyalist have bonfires they shouldn’t complain about ours”?they also seem to like the theory “loyalist burn tricolours so its ok for us to burn union flags”. we’ll lets look at it…loyalist bonfires on the 11th night are welcomed and supported by the community in many cases thousands of people of all ages turn out for it and in many cases it’s the climax of a full day or even week of activities. noone wishes to cause trouble and in most cases there is no trouble what so ever! so i honestly don’t believe comparing this to loyalist bonfires makes sense…..

    as for the flag burning issue to burn a flag is a symbolic act it symbolises rebelion or independance…..burning a tricolour in northern ireland is fineit is a way of celebrating our freedom from dublin rule. however burning a union flag in northern ireland is technically an act of treason as it’s sybolising rebellion against those who rule us and so should be viewed as an act of treason with the appropriate punishments applied

  • ranger1640

    Divis Tyres

  • ranger1640

    Divis Tyres

  • michael-mcivor

    Not much difference between loyalists or dissidents-
    loyalists love burning Irish flags- dissidents burn british flags- i think they love each others flags-

  • Red Rob


    Nice to see some balance on here, keep up the good work.

    Bonfires can cause difficulties in communities if they are not managed properly. In recent years, however, many local councils have been working with community organisations to make sure that most bonfires are safe, well run and part of a proper community celebration.

    I attended one myself on the 11 July for the first time in many years and the atmosphere was fantastic. Much better to see a real fire than these beacon efforts.

  • glasgow

    Will slugger now begin a ‘Divis bonfire rioting, and shooting arrest and charge watch’ topic every day?

  • lamhdearg

    hello JR,
    I dont think all bonfire’s are a disgrace. i like them. i would not go to some, for fear to not being welcome. my comment on here is not criticising the divis or any irish nats bonfire, but to highlight the double standards of some/many here on slugger, who spend the summer months here on slugger letting on their S*** don’t stink.

    michael-mcivor, dissidents/anti social elements/youths letting of some steam, call them what you will, they are still irish nationalists. showing their hatred of anything that they see as standing in their way.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Disgusting vile depravity, the local community in Divis are completely opposed to this bonfire which was organized by local hoods, muggers and joyriders. The police should have forcibly dismantled the bonfire and baton charged the crowd.

    If we had politicians and leaders who spoke up and legislated for those too intimidated to stand up to the local thugs who commit this unwanted arson and vandalism, a good half of all the bonfires across NI would not happen.

  • Damian O’Loan

    A bonfire is not the best way to mark any anniversary of internment, surely?

    I see SF have been suggesting they be replaced for at least five years now. Any better ideas?

    I’d suggest a paper bird in your living room/car window, throughout August, if you disagree with internment and/or want to celebrate the British constitution, Magna Carta and habeas corpus.

    Any others?

  • Eddie (Eamonn) Mac Bhloscaidh

    The vast majority of nationalist and republicans do not see these bonfires as a right, but as anti-social sectarian displays of thuggery.

  • pauluk

    I nominate these folks as `Morons of the Month`

  • JR

    Hi Lamhdhearg,
    I agree with you on the bonfires. For me halloween wouldn’t be halloween without a bonfire. Our farm was adjacent to a housing estate and every year me and my brother made a wood only bonfire that was twice as big as the one the estate could build. Thiers was always a smouldering stinking pile of Tyres, Fresh illegally cut young trees and dumped rubbish.

    I think no-one should burn their neighbours flag, I also think our society pays a high price for poorly organised bonfires that few enjoy.

  • Eddie (Eamonn) Mac Bhloscaidh

    To any nationalist who says lets burn “a union jack cos themuns burn our flag”

    I say this, then you share their ideology, you are an ideological loyalist and netheir republican or nationalist.

    “Themuns” sectarianism should never to used to justify more sectarianism.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Well said Eddie

  • lamhdearg

    when i was little we used to brurn the pope on our 12th night bonfire (not the real one) when we moved on to the irish (ira) flag i was gald as it was not all catholics that wanted to take over our country (remember i was still a child) now that Eire has dropped its claim, we should go back to a more truthful image and burn king james, or maybe the flag of the cria or rira, opps back to the tricolour.
    halloween is good fun, we should have one on nov 5th as well, we could have it under westminster, greedy b******s, Only joking.

  • Chris Donnelly

    I’m glad that Quincey has highlighted this incident as it is instructive in a number of ways.

    The behaviour of those involved was despicable and indicative of a destructive mentality, seeking to define one’s identity through the demonisation of another.

    On a wholly positive note, the number of such ‘nationalist’ bonfires is but a drop in the ocean when compared to their reciprocal unionist ones in July precisely because of the strong political and communal leadership coming from nationalists over the past twenty years.

    There should be no excuses proffered for the burning of flags or emblems identified with by one’s neighbours, and the active policy of discouraging such events in nationalist districts has meant that those involved in such happenings are small in number and acting without political cover.

    Unfortunately, therein lay the difference…..

  • BloodThunder

    It is interesting to see how much hand wringing that nationalist representatives engage in around the 11th night over how burning flags is motivated by hatred yet remain conspicuously silent whenever their own community burn the union flag. Yet more nationalist hypocrisy. Yet more evidence that the Protestant point of view has no place in the northern nationalist utopia. A show of strength occurred at one of these bonfires – not much interest in that either.

  • tacapall

    ” It was not all catholics that wanted to take over our country”.

    You’re one sad little bigot lamhdearg, your country ! maybe you should go to a real school and read a bit of history and while your at it read up on who actually carried the Union jack at the battle of the Boyne. You and your neanderthal friends are destroying “our” environment, costing us hundreds of thousands of pounds every year clearing up your rubbish that you leave and the damage caused to public and private property never mind polluting the environment with toxic fumes and that goes for those who do the same on the nationalist side. Hopefully in the near future when governments will be forced to account for societys carbon footprints your neanderthal culture will come to an end.

  • Eddie (Eamonn) Mac Bhloscaidh

    Totally disagree B&T.

    I think that both nationialist posters here are nationalist politicians are saying is yes, these things are wrong and motivated by hatred.

  • BloodThunder

    ‘I think that both nationialist posters here are nationalist politicians are saying is yes, these things are wrong and motivated by hatred.’

    There is tacit acceptance of these kind of things amongst nationalists, regardless of the odd tokenistic gesture. If Sinn Fein and the like were really concerned about stirring hatred they would not use internment commemorations etc as an excuse to sentimentally gush about terrorists whose hatred drove them to attack the Protestant community.

  • Eddie (Eamonn) Mac Bhloscaidh


    Eh? You have lost me.

    “” It was not all catholics that wanted to take over our country”.

    Actually for me this is the problem. Protestants see ‘Northern Ireland’ as their homeland, their country.

    Pluralism could be interpreted as undermining that basic ‘fact’.

    Peace, true peace can only come when nationalists accept this ‘fact’ and thus a degree of cultural supremacy.

    Or maybe I am wrong?

    As a nationalist I do recongnise that is must be quite tough to share your country with such a large minority which at the very least seeks to maintain a separate culture and at worst seeks to disestablish the state.

    Not to mention that they happen to practice for the most part a religion which involves the leadership of an anti-christ etc.

    I dont however think that that justifies any sectarianism.

  • lamhdearg

    It was not all catholics that wanted to take over our country”.

    “You’re one sad little bigot lamhdearg,”

    When i was a child i thought as a child. be nice tacapall

  • JR

    It takes a stubborn man to defend young scumbags burning his own flag rather than admit he is wrong.

  • lamhdearg

    “sharing”, as a child ( i was speaking of my childhood thoughts, read it again) one thing i knew which was true then and today is that irish nationalism and non irish nationalism are not the same, and that irish nationalists wanted/and want my country (northern ireland) to cease to exist, now today as a man i hope we will move on to a shared place without the need to cling to dublin or london.

  • JR

    Ignore B&T. He is a troll.

  • lamhdearg


  • BloodThunder

    Ignore B&T. He is a troll.”

    Why is that? Because I point out the hypocrisy that riddles your cherished, backward political ideology?

  • Toastedpuffin

    Oh god, so there are a few bits of cloth on a bonfire – our civilisation is at an end.

    £78,000 PA because you did time with a future minister – THAT’S something to get worked up about.

  • tacapall


    Last year there were 86 bonfires alone in Belfast and the vast majority will follow traditional lines this year, which means in many cases that when set alight they will be adorned with the flag of the Republic of Ireland.

    The council calculates that cleaning up after the big night costs some £5,000 per bonfire. Its beacons, on the other hand, cost £8,000 to purchase but can be re-used five times and cause no environmental damage.

    “£78,000 PA because you did time with a future minister – THAT’S something to get worked up about”.

    Yes how much do those Special branch/RUC officers now MI5, get. You know the ones who used murder to stop murder and turned a blind eye to the activities of their agents which included multiple murders. Then we can move on to the salaries of members of the a certain Unionist party who created their own paramilitary army that engaged in terrorist activities including importing hundreads of weapons that were later used in the murder of citizens of this country.

  • If i wasn’t working on err actual paid work, i would have ventured up to document this titfortatlampostpishingihatethemununstheydiditfirstwhatabouteryballax but i was proof reading
    c’est la guerre

  • Joe Bloggs

    Did you declare it to the dole Mooch???

  • Joe Bloggs,

    That’s insulting, bordering on the offensive.

  • between the bridges

    tapcall…that’s two threads you have used the ‘who carried the jack at the boyne’ bait, no bites so, far ah well maybe 3rd time lucky….heres one for you who carried the drapeau tricolore?

  • Joe Bloggs

    Just a wee joke Canuck. Harmless craic.

    I’ve no idea whether Mooch signs on or not.

  • Joe Bloggs,

    Fair enough but there is a big difference between face to face bantering and putting down something for others to read and draw inferences.

  • pippakin


    I couldn’t agree more…

  • april showers

    Joe the coward, makes back handed comments and expects to get off with a fake apology. unionism at its best

    Yeah mick I know I will be carded for calling a unionist spade a spade. Good thing I rate your opinion so low

  • pippakin


    In case there is any confusion:

    “there is a big difference between face to face bantering and putting down something for others to read and draw inferences.”

    I definitely couldn’t agree more…

  • HeinzGuderian

    Had to laugh at aul Joe getting upset at a harmless comment………………sure,never mind the closure of the Westlink Joe,or the shots fired !! 😉

  • Neil


    first thing is that the hoods now pretty much have the run of Divis, and have done for some time. You may have heard about Bap McGreevey getting murdered in a house down there not so long ago, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. According to the ATN some locals did attempt to prevent the bonfire in beechmount and were soundly threatened and sent on their way.

    If you tried to prevent these people (kids for the most part) doing anything, you would get the same response as the locals in London over the past few days, i.e. you would get the shit beaten out of you.

    I don’t know whether you’re a bloke or not, but if you had a gang of 20 tracksuited yoofs setting up a bonfire outside your house would you go out and berate them? Because if you tried it in Divis or Beechmount you would get attacked, and your house would be on the shit list of a large group of hoods so expect your windows to be done and don;t be surprised if your house goes up on the same night as the bonfire.

    Unfortunately in Divis as in many other parts of West Belfast when the IRA stopped policing the area the cops either failed to do so or are of no deterrent.

    Anyway, spin it how you want, the local communitites have tried to prevent the bonfires but they don’t have the ability to stop the hoods without risking their own skin and that of their families along with their homes. However SF, and local people have long voiced opposition to these events, and have set a target to have no bonfires next year.

    I and every other republican on this page have condemned the bonfire itself, the burning of your flags and the general fuckwitted hooliganism of the people involved. Notably that doesn’t fit in with certain Loyalist’s narrative so their complaining that no Republican has condemned it on the same page as comments from Republicans, condemning it.

    I await a Loyalist response saying that their bonfires are an equally bad idea, that burning my flag is a bad idea or even (and this should be an easy one) burning ‘Mickey Bo’ banners or Kevin McDaid banners,celebrating brutal sectarian murders is a bad idea. I won’t hold my breath.

  • Joe Bloggs

    So it’s the PSNI’s fault?

    I’ve heard it all now……

  • sonofstrongbow

    “Anyway, spin it how you want”. LOL.

  • Neil

    So it’s the PSNI’s fault?

    Not really the point I was going for, but even you can surely concede that up until the PSNI was created the hoods did their hooding under threat of being shot if caught.

    They now face, at worst, being taken to the police station, questioned for a while, charged with some pointless offence, fined 100 quid and sent on their way to do as they see fit.

    Not surprisingly some people see the threat of paying 2 quid out of your dole every fortnight for a year as less of a threat to being beaten with a crow bar. Human nature.

    “Anyway, spin it how you want”. LOL.

    Oooh. Ua got me there. I’m struggling to find an appropriate response… Oh yeah.


    That’s it.

  • Joe Bloggs

    Neil (profile) – 10 August 2011 at 12:44 pm

    They now face, at worst, being taken to the police station, questioned for a while, charged with some pointless offence, fined 100 quid and sent on their way to do as they see fit.

    Not surprisingly some people see the threat of paying 2 quid out of your dole every fortnight for a year as less of a threat to being beaten with a crow bar. Human nature.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    That’s not the PSNI’s fault. The blame lies with successive governments and ALL of the UK’s political parties for not giving them robust powers.

    When was the last time you heard a Sinn Fein politician calling for tougher sentences for rioting or anti-social behaviour??? More chance of Gerry admitting he was in the IRA……

  • lamhdearg

    Engineers to assess damage from bonfiresRoads Service engineers will be assessing the damage caused by annual August 15th bonfires in Derry on Tuesday morning.

    the bbc online news team have got around to covering some more of the irish nationlist bonfire’s, did someone on there say “its only one ?”.
    “Bonfires were lit in William Street, Creggan, Galliagh, Pennyburn and other nationalist areas of the city on Monday night.

    Many of the fires are still burning and damage has been caused to the car park in William Street.

    The repair bill in previous years has run into thousands of pounds.”