Republican Facebook site publishes police officers’ pictures

The BBC are reporting that a Facebook page has been set up by dissident republicans which is encouraging members to post images and details of police operations from across Northern Ireland.

Terry Spence form the Police Federation said:

“This is a very serious matter and I have been in touch with the chief constable’s office this morning.”
“I have explained our great concern and asked him to immediately close down the Facebook page and to take immediate action against those who set it up.
“Clearly this is an attempt to gather information which is likely to be of use to terrorists which I am in no doubt will be used in attempts to target police officers for murder.”

He also stated:

“It is very clearly a very serious criminal offence to gather information which is likely to be of use to terrorists.”

The News Letter is reporting that a member of the Facebook group also called for opposition to this Saturday’s RBP parade in Fermanagh.

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