A poem for the day – Blue Lamp Disco

The title poem from my third collection. Not actually about a real blue lamp disco – we all remember those, right? – but a more or less true account of a night in my home town when I was young and foolish, to coin a phrase.

Is this a ‘political’ poem? I sort of think it is, but would be hard-pressed to say how. Personally, I just like the rhyme-scheme…

Blue Lamp Disco

We lay down for ‘The Queen’

and still escaped a kicking

until that Christmas when

they ambushed us in Mill Street,

loosening my teeth

and both your bollocks.

You nursed them in our booth

in Madge’s, as we sipped

an underage pint apiece

and a clunky drum-machine

accompanied the pleas

of a tinselled cowboy

RUC reservist

moonlighting on twelve-string,

lachrymose, half-pissed,

banging on about love.