Lee Reynolds steps up to Belfast City Council

DUP strategist Lee Reynolds answering questions at Slugger Big Election breakfast - photo by Mr UlsterBack in May at Slugger’s Big Heid Coont Breakfast, DUP strategist Lee Reynolds explained to the assembled crowd how the party’s vote management had worked successfully at the Assembly and local government elections, before admitting that from the tallies he reckoned it had failed him on his attempt to get a seat on Belfast City Council. (Lee was the second candidate to be excluded in Castle district, with first preference votes just shy of half of the electoral quota.)

But politics is a long game, and Martina Purdy’s tweet at teatime confirms that Lee’s wish shall come true after all.

Ian Crozier stood down as councillor at the beginning of July to become Chief Executive of the Ulster Scots Agency. (Maybe he’ll help accelerate the opening of the long-promised visitor centre in their Great Victoria Street offices.) Now Lee Reynolds has been put forward to be co-opted into Ian’s seat in Castle Oldpark district.

Lee Reynolds in transit at Belfast's Orange Parade, 12 July 2011
I'm changing from 02 to Orange

Maybe next year on the Twelfth of July, Lee will be resolving issues for his North Belfast constituents as he marches rather than making up DUP policy on the hoof!*

* That’s obviously an attempt at humour, before any party lawyers get in touch with Mick