A Bonefire In An Empty Space…?

IF you’re stuck at the desk over lunch and need a laugh, check out PSNI West Belfast’s Facebook page. There are some gems of posts, such this possible attempt at haiku below. Profound. But fair play to the poor sod that gets lumbered with replying!

Stroaking The Wood From The Bru In Andytonw.
Wat Harm Is There Liting.
A Bonefire In An Empty Space?

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  • sonofstrongbow

    “Stroaking the wood” in anything other than an empty space may get you arrested – I’ve also been informed it’ll make you go blind.

  • carl marks

    loved the psni facebook page, you could not make it up

  • Comrade Stalin

    My favourite is a bit further down :

    ryt ni explain is 2 me plz, last nyt use stapped me n said i was blacked n use brought me home 2 my ma nal but i was nat blacked n u didneen make me standn 1 leg or nafin! & ma magee near cracked at me! it’s nat fair!!!!!! wb plz xxoxox

  • @CS – Sir, truly this is a post for the Belfast Guide for all arriving tourists.

  • galloglaigh

    What’s the post (time and date)? Sounds like fun!