Satirical showcase of Stormont representatives #7

  • aha… now that’s good satire!

  • 241934 john brennan

    Yes! Excellent cartoon. The Siamese twin’s image is particularly apt. In earlier life, appearances were also similar, but usually distinguishable by different colour berets.

  • Cahir O’Doherty

    That is a good cartoon, definitely getting better and better Brian!

    I especially like the massive (shared) mouth and the hands stuffed in their pockets!

  • Can someone explain the satire in this. We know that
    neither of the two boys speak through the same orifice, that they don’t share the same political clothes, that they are not joined at the hip etc. Its just a good drawing.

  • pippakin


    Strange though how often they say the same thing.

  • Hi pippakin

    Don’t be getting all factual and accurate, you’re a creative, remember?

  • pippakin


    I read somewhere that before he invaded England the Duke of Normandy was told that Normandy and England were like Con joined twins. If he won England the Normandy half of the twins would wither and die…

    Creative enough?

  • Yes and factual, I looked it up on the net!

    One in the eye for me.

  • pippakin


    Oh no. I’m hoping we both win…