Bread, and circuses…

After a third night of attacks on police in nationalist areas across Northern Ireland, the NI First and deputy First Ministers have emerged to warn about some people’s “complacency about the peace process”.  From the BBC report

Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness met at Stormont Castle on Thursday to discuss recent rioting.

Mr Robinson said “as a society we have begun to get a bit careless about how hard won the peace was”.

Mr McGuinness said the riots “should shake some people out of their complacency about the peace process”.

Eh?  Which “people” do you have in mind, Martin?  And how is “vandalism and wanton destruction”, “thuggery with no apparent control or direction”, “a disorganised mob”, or even “a small number [deciding] to engage in rioting” a threat to the Peace Process™?  Or is that a “stupid” question…

As for OFMDFM’s chosen response to violence from loyalist groups, that was their decision.  They can’t blame others for the consequences.

That’s the circus, here’s a little more bread.

There will be no large increases in university tuition fees for students starting courses in 2012, the first and deputy first ministers have confirmed.

They said the fees would only rise in line with inflation.

Martin McGuinness and Peter Robinson said they had yet to work out how to take money from other departments to pay for the £40m shortfall.

Not that they even discussed that issue at the last NI Executive Committee meeting…