Tweeting the twelfth

Since Mark and company will be in the field (in all senses), I’ll try and keep a feed running here on CoverItLive which will automatically update from twitter. At the moment it includes the most common hashtags (#twelfth, obviously, and #orangefest, #niparades and #glorious12th) but I can include others if people feel they are trending sufficiently.

You can comment below or use the hashtags and join in via twitter. Anyone who wants to relay tweets into the comments can feel free to do so, but should include the original address (@theirname).

I’m happy to broaden out this experiment in small media if people want to include other links (YouTube, Flickr, Audioboo etc) in their comments below although within reason (or I may flag it with a disclaimer).

You can check out more here… or view my history blog here