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The Lex Column in the FT today on Murdoch and News Corps:

“When your business model encourages some of your mployees to break the law, it is time to rethink your business model.”

It’s followed by a superb piece of analysis with a few fairly crunch lines in it…

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  • skidmarx

    It is time to get the law changed?

  • Damian O’Loan

    It is a good opener, followed by a couple of paragraphs.

    The ending, “News Corp is itching to streamline its UK operations; getting rid of a Sunday outlier is a big step in that direction. After a decent interval, investors can expect the Sun on Sunday to rise, once the News of the World is yesterday’s news” is actually more telling.

    Are you being paid by the FT? Otherwise, where is your objectivity? Your post is a hyperbolic link to a short editorial which adds nothing to the debate.

  • pippakin

    Erm. I’m not a premium subscriber to the FT…

    I thought the opening quote was apt. The blame lies with the senior management and the dumping of the NOTW looks increasingly as though that same senior management are now taking advantage of the crisis they created by their own deplorable mismanagement. I just hope the Sun and the SunonSunday (or whatever its called) are boycotted.

  • Greenflag

    ‘looks increasingly as though that same senior management are now taking advantage of the crisis they created by their own deplorable mismanagement.’

    And the same can be said for most of the banksters in Wall St the Goldman Sachs , Bank of Americas , Citigroup and in the UK with Royal Bank of Scotland , Northern Rock , and with Anglo Irish , Allied Irish and Bank of Ireland and Deutsche Bank and a host of other financial institutions who helped create the current world monetary crisis aided and abetted or ignored by the ‘democratically’ elected politicians.

    Boycotting the entire banking system and ostracising those at the top of the thieves pyramid might have some benefit for a week or two . Dragging the ‘bastards’ to the guillotine for public execution could give about a ten year respite from these rapacious plutocrats :(!

  • Cynic2

    “Are you being paid by the FT?”

    Oh do grow up. Is it the muggy weather. Twas ever thus and ever will be. All this faux posturing by Labour and all the other parties. NI politicians have leaked like sieves to the media for decades and still do.

    Journalists also often have access to all those little titbits that lie in the murk at the bottom of the pond and which politicians might rather were not stirred up, Its therefore interesting to see the posturing of some who are playing high stakes poker that some disgruntled ex-NoW journalist wont sell a few freelance stories to ease his/her passage into freelance work.

    The Press and Politicians have fed off each other for years

    ” In old days men had the rack. Now they have the press.”

    Oscar Wilde

  • Munsterview

    Interesting that all this hullabaloo across the pond about the unsavory press / police interface have drawn no comments about our own press on this Island North and South and how these interfaces with the police are handled.

    In England at least officially too close a relationship between the press and police is seen as unhealthy, damaging to press independence and not in the best interests of open, accountable democracy.

    Here in the South there was to the recent past and probably still is a nice cosy arrangement between press ‘security correspondents’ and Gardai where be the latter top brass regularly host dinners for the latter. A nice high class meal is served up to all there by all accounts with more than the occasional glass of wine available at taxpayer’s expense may I add!

    There behind closed doors these ‘political correspondents’ and top gardai have a nice boozy off the record natter about crime, subversives ( i.e. all anti-establishment types), corrupt politicians and any other gossip that this cosy insider club indulge in regarding the rest of society!

    The former and last editor of the Sunday Tribune was challenged about this practice during a guest lecture to the media students in The University Of Limerick last year. Far from in any way denying the existence of such a cosy cartel of vested interests, she confirmed the existence of it and attempted to justify ‘accepting the reality’ of that arrangement and doing business with the gardai solely on garda terms.

    She also confirmed that if a ‘security correspondent’ did not play ball with the gardai and exposed any matter to the detriment or displeasure of the gardai, that ‘security correspondent’ simply did not get invited back to the next monthly ‘dinner briefing’ and was ‘out of the loop’ regarding ‘insider’ information.

    The editor further stated that because of this system any story reflecting unfavorable on the gardai had to be broken by some other reporter on a paper other than the so called ‘security correspondent’ ! Far from a newspaper’s ‘security correspondent’ being to the fore in exposing police corruption, such people often work frantically behind the scenes to either kill, dilute, or modify the story concerned or to insure that the garda spin is given equal province and emphasis to the substantive matters investigated and exposed.

    By comparison to what is happening across the pond, a few bent coppers taking bribes and albeit, apparently substantial ones, for information by unscrupulous journalists and editors, pales by comparison to our instutionalised journalistic control exercised by the police here in the South. Neither will there be any expressions of outrage or demands for change : this system suits the establishment politicians just fine.

    A free press properly doing it’s job could disclose a raft of ‘Donegall Garda Scandals’ in other command areas. The Gardai or the Establishment, be it political, ‘Permanent Government’ or indeed newspaper, do not want this!

    As somebody who spend six months working for the late Billy Flynn in Donegall investigating that Garda Scandal I know the time and effort paid by all. Billy himself was almost pushed to a mental breakdown by the end of that investigation and had it not been for the efforts of one journalist who broke ranks and broke sufficent of the corruption scandal to get the ball rooling that eventually lead to breaking the story as a whole, it would have been Bily that broke and the scandal would have been case managed and buried just like the dozens more in the other garda command areas and indeed others in Donegall !

    Given the enormity of this home situation and all it entails for the ‘freedom of the press’ it also reflects the sheer brass necks of the Irish press and media to consider themselves fit to comment, pontificate on and condem the antics of the News Of The World editorial management and offending journalists.

  • The NOTW was always a scurrilous newspaper which is probably what made it so popular. I couldn’t have brought it home since Catholics were actively discouraged from buying it, not that it stopped them. As teenager I worked in a Newsagent’s on weekends and I got to read all of the papers free. I remember the NOTW carrying a series where they entrapped people into sexual shenanigans, wife swapping and the like, then exposed the people involved. Interesting, given my earlier comment, the Parish priest always bought it. The first time, I looked at him askance and he said “It’s for the sports”.

  • Munsterview

    Good comment on the media here by somebody who was an insider. The NOTW may be in the dock at present but as my previous post highlighted the press in general in these Islands is far from lily white or blameless. Neither were underhand or dubious practices the sole practice of the NOTW.

    I have been highlighting the security correspondence / gardai link for years in public debate and yet there is no real concern or interest as the current status quo is perfectly satisfactory to the establishment and that includes the most of the media reporters/editors/researchers that I have met over my public life.

    I have been around long enough to have seen reporters go through their ‘lean and hungry’ period, become a name and then literally become fat and complacent, content to do just enough to earn their salary but no more. Thats life I guess, little surprise that reporters of integrity such as Bob Fisk are such large and lonely voices, there are few contenders like Bob devoted to true investigative journalism anymore.

    Take for example the Property Boom : over the years story after story was ignored and suppressed at editorial level in this country because the property section tail wagged the news dog! In fact there is no press are to my knowledge free from vested interest.


    It’s a vicious cycle, and it creates things like the Kate and Will
    show. Wall-to-wall, breaking-news coverage of a stage-managed,
    spoon-fed celebrity visit, justified by the couple’s symbolic
    relationship to a former colony, codified in a document most Canadians
    have never read (and one province has never signed). On a weekend
    where there was real news happening in Bangkok, Misrata, Athens,
    Washington, and around the world, what we saw instead was a breathless
    gaggle of normally credible journalists, gushing in live hit after
    live hit about how the prince is young and his wife is pretty. And the
    public broadcaster led the charge.



  • Mick Fealty

    It’s in the sidebar MV..

  • MV,

    You’re quite right about the Canadian nonsense this week. The coverage of the couple was constant and disgustingly sycophantic. That despite around half of the population thinking that the monarchy is totally irrelevant to us.

  • pippakin

    Its the nature of journalism today. If a journalist goes to a war zone he is with the troops and he prints what they tell him. The days of ‘independent’ reporters are gone, the last one cost a US general his career and was condemned all round. The MSM must be desperate for a genuine, preferably foreign, crisis by now.

    As for the royals: Its the royal couples honeymoon period let them make the most of it. It won’t be long before those same broadcasters/journalists are wondering out loud about her weight, the amount of time they spend apart and who either of them had for breakfast.

  • Munsterview

    Just getting back into the swing things Mick : the odd ‘senior moment’ will have to be excused!

  • Cynic2

    Milliband’s opportunism and posturing is about to land him in hot water internally and publicly. Ten days ago his right hand man Tom Baldwin sent an email to Labour MPs and staff..Urging them to press home the attack on News International? Errrr….not quite

    1 any individuals complaining about hacking of their phones need to do so personally not as a member of Labour

    2 they should lay off Murdoch and News International as a group

    I wonder why?


  • Cynic2

    “I couldn’t have brought it home since Catholics were actively discouraged from buying it, ”

    ……Down with this sort of thing

    ……. probably a rumour spread by the News of the World to boost sales ….

  • pippakin


    Of course the NOTW would have been banned by the church, it was famous for its exposures of paedophiles…

  • Greenflag

    ‘If a journalist goes to a war zone he is with the troops and he prints what they tell him.’

    The journos Canadian , Canadienne and others were not embedded with the royal couple were they =I can just see the NOTW headline twist 😉