Murdoch – enough – boycott his stuff.

Hacking the phones of a missing schoolgirl- deleting messages giving false hope to her parents.
Hacking the phones of missing girls’ parents in Soham.
My personal advice is to stop subscribing to Sky or buying any News International output.
Update – Paying off the Cops. from Vanity Fair.

Andy Coulson, who edited Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World tabloid from 2003 to 2006, condoned payments from members of his staff at the News of the World to Scotland Yard, according to e-mails the company has handed over to the police. “It is correct to state that new information has recently been provided to the police,” a News Corp. spokesman told Vanity Fair. “We cannot comment any further due to the ongoing investigation.

And Ford is the first to pull advertising.(from the Independent).
And in the Guardian – 7/7 families targetted..


  • Manfarang

    Murdoch- The world’s most evil man!

  • fordprefect

    Dewi, agree with you 100%!

  • Into the west

    give us a list of news international output please Dewi
    so we know what not to buy .
    totally outrageous this stuff.
    it is ironic that NOTW famous for its dirt
    is now the headline story .. a perfect storm

    dennis potter nicknamed his pancreatic cancer . “rupert”
    after murdoch, who he claimed
    single-handedly has done more than anyone to degrade our culture and values.

  • Dewi

    News International output:
    Times, Sunday Times, Sun, News of the World.
    Parent Company News Corporation owns half the world including:
    Harper Collins Publishers,
    Wall Street Journal,
    40% of Sky TV,
    All of FOX TV and Movies
    National Geographic TV channels.

  • Cynic2

    Errr…but if people didn’t want this sort of thing done, why did they buy the papers to read about the stories it generated?

  • Mick Fealty


    Can you make it clear in your post that this is a personal view, not officially shared by Slugger?

  • Dewi

    Done Mick – clear enough?

  • pippakin

    Completely agree with you Dewi and wish the boycott luck but I have to say I haven’t bought the Sun or the News of the World since Hillsborough…Bloody rags, bloody Murdoch….

  • Mick Fealty


  • Alanbrooke

    What hypocritical twaddle. If you are going to boycott newspapers boycott them all, they’re all in the same stinking mire.

    You get what you pay for and whether it’s NOTW, Mirror, Independent or Guardian you buy it because it rakes muck.

  • PaulT

    Dewi, buying of newspapers or watching telly is a personal choice.

    Bit disappointed with slugger following their McArdle witchhunt that Mick seems unconcerned that Andy Coulson was a highly paid, highly placed SpAD until allowed to resign (for the 2nd time, stating innocence) while all this was bubbling up, but most importantly was given the job even though the NoW’s shoddy defence was crumbling at the time.

    Where’s Slugger
    Where’s Mick,
    Where’s Sammy Wilson
    Where’s the Travers family

  • PaulT

    Dewi, there was also the little reported attack on the TV channel that employed Al Gore in the past few months resulting in the channel been dropped by SKY for promoting the wrong political message at the Dirty Diggers insistance

  • pippakin


    As far as I know even the despised Coulson has not been found guilty of murder. Get real.

  • Dewi

    “they are all in the same stinking mire”
    I hope not Alan – or we are in a pretty bad place. These latest revelations cross some really stinking lines.

  • lamhdearg

    when the sky people come to my door, i tell them i think m**d**c is the devil, (personal view) they give me a strange look and walk off, its great. Dont buy the other papers that will be proved to have been doing this either.

  • PaulT

    Pip, problem is, Coulson has not been found guilty of anything!

    He has now resigned (just in time) from two jobs in a row citing complete innocence.

    Guess its not helped by the fact that the copper doing the investigating at the time now has a lil’ number writing a column in the Diggers papers.

    Guess it also helps to have the PMs backing

    Also Pip, McArdle didn’t murder anyone, now did she, she got the conviction for refusing to cooperate. So Pipkins, what do you think the charge should be for Coulson, Brooks and the Digger if they don’t come clean

  • PaulT

    Aaaaaarrggghh can’t believe I replied to that annoying thing

  • pippakin


    You wrote it: He resigned, twice even. McArdle could learn from his example.

    Don’t bother to reply to this comment. I won’t be replying to any more from you.

  • Its one of those times when I wished I bought a newspaper so that I could boycott it.
    But I only buy the Guardian and/or the Independent for train journeys.
    There has been a certain panic setting in at Sky News. Their news people might well be thinking if they are in the firing line. Clearly Coulson is being offered as a sacrifice.
    But theres a thin end of the wedge here too.
    Surely Ive seen enough TV drama to know that policemen can make a few quid by passing info to journos. Only journos with their heads in the sand would not realise that crime journos is a competitive field and they need an edge on their rivals.

    Getting the info that a police unit was called to a Premiership footballers residence for a “domestic” or that a politician has been warned off “for kerb crawling” is valuable info and surely having a stable of “reliable sources” inside the Civil Service on serious stories is as corrupt as police for tittle tattle.

    Boycotting Sky?
    Well theres the unfortunate fact that it has Premiership football.
    Perhaps I dont need the Cartoon Channels after all.

  • DoppiaVu


    Absolutely agree with the sentiment. But it goes much deeper.

    Right now we have various MPs calling for a Public Inquiry. However, remember the phone hacking stuff kicked off before the last general election – where were the Public Inquiry calls then?

    There weren’t any. Why? Because none of the political parties wanted the Sun to turn on them on the run up to an election.

    So whilst the emerging allegations are pretty disgusting, we should be more worried about News International’s frightening ability to not only influence the news agenda (the Times and the Sun were notable in that they didn’t have phone hacking on the front page in today’s first editions) but to materially influence politics.

    BTW – if you don’t buy any News International products, you should boycott goods that advertise with them.

  • So, a group of employees in one Newspaper has been acting in an unethical manner and we are all supposed to boycot our use of all media outlets in the entire Newscorp empire.

    I would prefer it if bloggers kept to blogging, rather than providing unsolicited advice about how to react to a news story.

  • Dewi

    Ignore it Seymour – that’s your perogative. It’s the pattern of abuse, denial, controlled fact manipulation in attempting damage limitation from this corporation that leaves me to believe that the malaise is deeper than you think.

  • HeinzGuderian

    The malaise is much deeper than you think Dewi,if you think this type of thing only happens at the News of the World ?
    I take the Angrytown News,The Grubian and The Mirr…………..all top notch publications,without a stain on their character………..( apart from The Mirr being taken to court again this very week) ?

    Ermmm,is The Racing Post okay,in your expert opinion ? 😉

  • oracle


    It wasn’t just one newspaper…. they were all at it!
    The worst offender was the Sunday People, followed by the Mail and the Sunday Mirror, so it’s a bit naïve to be taking the couple of bad apples stance.

    Perhaps if journalists were spent more time honing their skills for investigative journalism instead of the dire gossip raids on phone and email messages for seedy tittle-tattle from a thousand miles away then we wouldn’t have civil servants sticking the one fingered salute to the public.
    We wouldn’t have disgusting £5 land deals going unpunished, corrupt councils used as either sex aids or as free tickets to holiday destinations throughout the world.
    We wouldn’t have countless quangos paying all those invited on the gravy train by their relatives or political mates extortionate sums of money for next to no fucking work!
    We wouldn’t have politicians from poorer regions earning up to half a million pounds a year though salary and expenses, or covering up the sexual assault on children to protect themselves.

    We don’t need less journalists we need more, but we need good ones.


    A boycott won’t work unless theirs a celebrity and media driving force behind it, the media certainly won’t be the driving force for their own demise and the celebrities whinge as they may, need the tabloids almost as much as the tabloids need them.

    No the only thing that will stop this crap is the boycotting of advertisement like Ford, when you hit the pockets the pain is vastly greater and then the editors and general managers will sit up and listen.

    So don’t boycott the papers boycott the bastards advertising in the papers, phone them up email them… then you’ll get the result you’re looking for!

  • Clanky

    The problem is not this one incident, the problem is not even the fact that this one incident only scratches the surface of the tactics used by various media groups.

    The true heart of the problem lies in that fact that as a society we have allowed ourselves to stoop to the levels where we are more interested in scandal and sleeze than in news. As much as Murdoch and his ilk are sickening, what is even more sickening is that the Sun is still the most widely read newspaper in the UK.

    Yes a boycott is a start, but it is a change in attitude that is needed, not just a boycott of the dirty diggers papers, but a sea change in what we as a society consider news worthy.

    As long as people are more interested in who politicians are sleeping with than what they are doing with the taxes that are being paid then even if Murdoch was to shrivel up and die tomorrow he would be replaced by someone equally as loathesome.

    In the same way that by turning politics into a media circus has resulted in the UK parliament, Dail Eireann and Stormont being filled with media clowns, turning the media into our primary source of sleeze has resulted in the top jobs in the media being given to the sleeziest people in the country.

  • JR

    It’s a bit like the junk food problem. The quick distraction of junk news give people more of a buzz than taking the time to look at real news.

  • john

    I like to think Im a moral person and will always do the right thing but to be honest I might just keep sky thanks very much

  • Into the west

    the only decent thing to do is buy the guardian from now on
    ~ from an outragaged citizen ~& guardian reader 😉

  • Its institutional.
    Defenders of the Media are trying to claim that it is the bad egg given to the Curate by his Bishop…..which the Curate claimed “parts of the egg are good and parts of it bad”.
    That doesnt stack up.
    The Media must be a bad egg.
    The Media relentlessly chased Politicians and took no excuses that some were decent and some were scoundrels.
    They chased bankers on the same basis.
    They took no excuses from abusive Churches.
    The notion that the NOTW types are the “SS guards” and the “real” journos are the “wermacht soldiers” who knew nothing just doesnt add up.
    This is a scandal that is about the institution of Journalism and all journos are signed up to the same code of ethics.
    It beggars belief that “real” journalists so anxious to expose wrong doing in other places did not (with honourable exceptions) see the scandal around them.

    They are all tainted.

  • andnowwhat

    For those thinking that this is simply about a couple of bad journos from one specific paper (and this includes the person who commended all the posts that disagreed with Dewi’s sentiments), you are wrong.

    Specifically on the Dowler story, there’s interference with an investigation and the destruction of evidence.

    The big stories are the police corruption and (as another person mentioned) the unwillingness to pursue the case from politicians.

    Politicians and the press have an unhealthily close relationship. Both Coulson and Brook are close friends of Cameron and Blair was very friendly with Murdoch’s son.

    @Alanbrooke; |Talking about the Indo and Guardo in the same tone as the red tops is just silly.

  • pippakin

    Murdochs evil empire could only work so long as tame politicians and corrupt policemen allowed, maybe even encouraged, it to. If there are any honest politicians left in Westminster they need to be making their voice heard now.

    Imo Dewi is right as are those who call for a boycott to be extended to those companies who advertise there wares on NI rags.

  • “They’re all at it”

    Well, that’ts it then, isn’t it Oracle. Lets boycott all the news media. Lets just stick to rumours on blogs for our information outlet!

  • andnowwhat

    Just listening to the radio and it seems like the Twitter and Facebook campaigns have had some effect.

    The new term “roll of dishonour” which refers to advertisers who have not withdrawn their ads from the NOTW. have also cancelled their sponsorship by NI.

    An interesting point made there on the radio is that the ant Sun campaign in Liverpool was dismissed as a flash in he pan but apparently it has remained consistent to this day.

    NI’s statement that they know who gave the hacking authority but that it was not Brooks is the stupidest thing I’ve heard since the Sun outed Boy George.

  • andnowwhat

    Ooops, the cop in charge of the initial investigation now works for News International.

  • andnowwhat

    Chris Bryant’s statement is fantastic. Self critical in the personal and institutional sense.

  • oracle


    Excuse me but perhaps you would like to point out where I called for a boycott of newspapers in my post.
    I said we needed more journalists but “good ones” perhaps you would gain a significantly sounder base for an argument if you spent just a little more time comprehending what a poster actually wrote before misquoting them.

    I actually stated that a boycott would have little or no effect unless the driving force was magnetic and argued against it.
    I also clearly said not to boycott papers but the companies who advertise in them.

    Perhaps you’re having a lazy day Seymour but please do try to read the posts you reply to.

  • Nunoftheabove

    This is basically renders News Int as the British’s newspaper industry’s equivalent of Fianna Fail c. late 2010 in……isn’t it ?

  • Dewi

    Tom Watson in Parlament was cool….IMHO if Rebekkah Wade knew about it so did Murdoch.

  • Pigeon Toes

    “Hacking the phones of a missing schoolgirl- deleting messages giving false hope to her parents.”

    No Dewi, it’s worse than the above. This child had been murdered. Not “missing”.

    The false hope was that she was just “missing”.

  • andnowwhat


    Yeah, saw Tom Watson. Things are bad when Zac Goldsmith turns on NI.

  • Dewi

    Pigeon Toes – have to be absolutely fair – they did not know she was murdered at the time.

  • Pigeon Toes

    Therein lay the problem?

  • Dewi

    Pigeon Toes, – It’s sickening and perhaps I misunderstood your post.

  • I actually bought two newspapers today….Independent and Guardian (not read the latter yet).
    I dont really understand the squeamishness at the thought of a boycott on moral grounds.
    But clearly from the newstand today the Sun (News International) does not carry the story on its front page. And sister paper the Times marginalises the story and leads on a story about the ethnic make up of Britains judges.
    Clearly of course……news values is a consideration of any Editor but again it beggars belief that on “news values” alone neither gave the story deserved prominence.
    This is hard to understand as arguably The Times is still a newspaper of record.
    If I recall Matthew Normans “Independent” piece today this was the same as yesterday

    So if a boycott on grounds of morality is a choice the squeamish feel unable to make, there is scope for a discerning buyer to say that he/she has been somewhat shortchanged by the Sun and The Times yesterday and today.
    That would be ample reason not to buy the rags.

  • HeinzGuderian

    Dreadfully sorry,but I want no part of this rent-a-mob.

    I would suggest people buy their own particular brand of newspaper simply to read similar views to their own.
    Irish news
    Belfast Tele

    Whichever rag you happen to reach for is irrelevant. Apart from one or two articles worth reading,the rest is dross/advertisements/pulp !!

    Out of date before the First Editions hit the streets.

    No,I won’t be climbing onto this particular bandwagon,or any other,come to that.

    Facebook/Twitter campaigns of moral outrage are akin to running with the pack. Not for me.
    Not now.Not ever !!

  • Well indeed. I rarely read newspapers except when on a train, waiting for a sweet and sour in my local Chines takeaway or sitting around Belfast City Airport waiting for an arrival.
    We do indeed buy or read newspapers to have our own world view in some way validated. Hence I yearn for the good old days before retirement when I read the Guardian and nodded approvingly at the wise words of Hugo Young and Ian Aitken. As they agreed with my world view they were obviously right.

    But the relevance is this and youve already said much the same.
    There will in a years time…..five years..ten years… fewer newspaper journalists than there are now.
    Its not exactly expanding.
    Previous readers, advertisers etc with NOTW can play a big part in which journos remain in gainful employment.
    Frankly Im far too old to be morally outraged by much.
    And Im a firm believer for over forty years that the “Silent Majority” should just shut up. I have as much an aversion to Mumsnet as I had to Mary Whitehouse.
    For the record….I do have a Facebook account but Ive never knowingly said anything interesting there either.
    I did briefly havea Twitter account but de-activated it because too many people re-tweeting a person I cant stand.

  • Dewi

    Heinz – do what you will – it’s up to you.

  • Power corrupts – in this case it corrupts editors, journalists, policemen (and before the election, politicians). So perhaps we need an assumption of corruption law, where everyone with power is assumed to be guilty until they are proven innocent.

  • Yahoo News is reporting that the NOTW has been dumped by News International and wil close down?

  • Greater love hath no man that he will lay down his employees to gain BSkyB.

  • Nunoftheabove

    Yip, NoTW’s final print run – leastways within News Int – will be this coming Sunday. No ads, proceeds to charity apparently. The party’s over.

  • between the bridges

    quickly followed the week after by the launch of the sun on sunday…..

  • lamhdearg

    Paper to be renamed the sunday sun, is this the penalty news international will pay when they have disgusted the nation. one thinks had a multi billion $ industriy sickened the people of the u.s.a. the goverment there would be relieving them of a few years profits.

  • pippakin

    Never mind relieving them of their profits, take the media away from News International. The people who did the damage to the NOTW are the same people trying to get their hands on Sky. It must not be allowed.