…Red Sky in the morning (press), DUP’s warning?

The fallout continues from the DUP Social Development Minister’s decision to request the Housing Executive reinstate and extend the multi-million pound contract for the East Belfast based Red Sky company  following clear evidence of overcharging and poor workmanship after earlier investigations, a decision labelled ‘incomprehensible’ by a leaked Housing Executive memo. The SDLP Minister formerly in charge of the Department, Alex Attwood, had previously terminated the contract following a two-year long investigation. 

Jim Allister has asked for the DUP Minister, Nelson McCausland, to spell out any links between the DUP and the owner of Red Sky.

I suggest he [Nelson McCausland] starts by spelling out any history of involvement between his party and the principal of Red Sky…How many senior DUP personnel, including Ministers, have attended private dinner parties in the home of the owner of Red Sky?

A Housing Executive memo leaked to the BBC commented on meetings alleged to have taken place between the Minister, Peter Robinson and other DUP elected representatives with the former senior management of Red Sky, asking whether ” these meetings constitute canvassing and lobbying for government contracts.”

McCausland has claimed that he wants a new tendering process put in place and that Red Sky should continue to hold the contract until that process is completed.

The issue is due to be discussed during Thursday’s Executive meeting…..space worth watching……