Satirical showcase of Stormont representatives #4

  • Bull?

  • Brian Spencer

    Why is everyone going out on a crusade to denigrate and put down, this is an experimental attempt to showcase some caricatures I do in my spare time between my job and my LLM dissertation, I’m not in the slightest offended because I know the cartoons show good likeness which is the sole purpose of this exercise. Anyway look forward to hearing all the negative comments!

  • Nunoftheabove

    Brian Spencer

    Fair enough. If the only purpose is achieving the likeness though then why bother with what you regard as the satirical dimension at all ?

  • Fair enough.
    But if you live by the satirical sword, you cant really complain if people get a bit satirical with you.
    For what its worth, I think the satire in this one is actually better than the likeness.
    Im reading this as “Michelle Gildernew is on a pigs back” which is a commentary on Ms Gildernew.
    A reasonable one in many peoples eyes. Not in mine. But thats ok.
    But if I remember correctly from Cummings (?) cartoons in the Sunday Express (1960s/70s), Mike Yarwood (1970s/80s) impressions or Spittin Image puppets (1980s/90s) …..politicians often see it as a sign that they have “made it” when they are lampooned.
    Probably Ms Gildernew feels the same way.
    A politician should not feel sensitive about a satirical cartoon.
    Nor should a satirical cartoonist feel sensitive about negative comments on his cartoons.
    For the record……reasonable likeness, snarky point about pigs back but fair comment.