P/T Brits required

Someone very close to me and three friends have just succeeded in getting tickets for court No 1 at Wimbledon today and will see Djokovic’s and Nadal’s quarter finals. True they had to queue overnight and pay £74 each for the privilege. £74 each is a lot of money to them as they are students but hey as they say it’s a once in a lifetime experience both to see some sporting greats and to experience the atmosphere at Wimbledon. Unless of course in the coming years they are lucky in the annual Wimbledon ballot or in the lottery of life .

Speaking of lotteries the London Olympic 2012 lottery has not been an overwhelming success with reports that 1 million of the 1.8 million people who applied for the 6.6 million tickets were unsuccessful. I don’t know of anyone with any tickets over here. What with the failure of Nelson McCausland to attract any international team or squad, or anybody at all, to train in Northern Ireland in the run up to the Olympics, we could conceivably declare ourselves to be an Olympic free zone. But I bet Nelson McCausland will be there.

But there’s still time to do something about it. What could be more British than queuing? Let’s all be given the opportunity to queue all night or for days on end in the hope/expectation/certain knowledge, depending where you are in the queue, of getting a ticket to an Olympic event. There are still some tickets being held back, why not release them utilising the time honoured institution of the British queue. And what’s more these queues can be formed in each of the four capitals viz London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Lisburn Belfast so that significant travel costs are not needlessly incurred.

The campaign starts here. All welcome. Let’s do what Brits do best, join the queue! And if you’re not that way inclined why not give yourself the opportunity of being British for a night or days on end and join the queue!

No need to walk a mile in another’s shoes, just stand awhile in your brother’s queues.

  • Lucky ticket holders although I guess the luck came to those who waited.

  • Nunoftheabove

    Slightly relieved to be reading the familiar words “What with the failure of Nelson McCausland to…” again. Goodness, it must be, oh, all of 48 hours since I last saw it applied to something else he hadn’t done / fixed / created / improved / achieved / talked any sense about.

    As Nel’s probable hero Win once said, “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm”.

  • So the campaign to get some London Olympic 2012 tickets for NI has fallen at the first hurdle. Oh well, never mind, Nelson McCausland can go on his own.

  • pippakin

    I remember a day at Wimbledon. It was scorching hot, sticky, uncomfortable and expensive. It was also absolutely fantastic. A great day of great tennis.

    I also remember Stratford which is as close to the Olympic venue as dammit. I would drive through it again but would definitely feel no inclination to stop, not even for the Olympics. As for queuing for a ticket to see us come nowhere. I’m no masochist.

  • pippakin

    Actually I told a lie. I also remember the Theatre Royal at Stratford. I had a play I wrote workshopped there. I could make an exception for the Theatre Royal. If its still there.

  • Join the queue Pippakin and we could write a play together. The rise and rise of Neldon McCausland : how one man made Norn Iron an Olympics and MTV free zone”

  • pippakin


    Oh no, not me that was long ago and far away, these days I throw pies from the audience…

  • Once a playwright always a playwright Pippakin, you’re not a parasitic critic you’re a creative thinker.

    By the way much respect for getting your play workshopped, I should have said that earlier , sorry.

  • pippakin


    Thanks. It was a long, long time ago. Once I thought I would never forget and just look I had forgotten! LOL! A creative thinker eh? I knew there had to be an explanation…