Great. British team beat Irish. Royals rampant. GAA (mostly) delighted.

There were a lot of Gaelic games today, none of them at the sharp end of any competition. However, some of the results were unexpected.

Meath (the Royal County) did what most anticipated, developed expected form and dished out a comprehensive defeat to Louth.

Meath 5-08 Louth 2-08

I and most other Saffrons were happy with wins for Antrim in both codes – few pundits expected that!

But….there was a stunned silence and disbelieving mumur at Casement, and I’m sure across the GAA, as the tannoy announced today’s most unexpected final score… a score from Ruislip, that shocked people?

Yes, London – the Exiles, beat Fermanagh (admittedly not the best football team in Ulster) by a decent margin.

Well done to our English friends – pity it’s not possible for Aontroim to drawn them in the next round! 😉

London 0-15 Fermanagh 0-09