Great. British team beat Irish. Royals rampant. GAA (mostly) delighted.

There were a lot of Gaelic games today, none of them at the sharp end of any competition. However, some of the results were unexpected.

Meath (the Royal County) did what most anticipated, developed expected form and dished out a comprehensive defeat to Louth.

Meath 5-08 Louth 2-08

I and most other Saffrons were happy with wins for Antrim in both codes – few pundits expected that!

But….there was a stunned silence and disbelieving mumur at Casement, and I’m sure across the GAA, as the tannoy announced today’s most unexpected final score… a score from Ruislip, that shocked people?

Yes, London – the Exiles, beat Fermanagh (admittedly not the best football team in Ulster) by a decent margin.

Well done to our English friends – pity it’s not possible for Aontroim to drawn them in the next round! 😉

London 0-15 Fermanagh 0-09

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  • lamhdearg

    can fermanaghs tail spin get any more out of control.

  • Mark McGregor


    On the way home from Belfast I was thinking of all sorts of excuses for the Ernesiders – did the full team travel? did the younger members go out on the tiles? did the heat (25+) get to them?

    None of that matters – the result will always say London pulled off their best result in around 40? years.

    Pity the Exiles now face a defeated Provincial semi-finalist and not one of the other round 1 teams. Would love to see them get a little further.

  • gréagóir o frainclín

    Great win for the Cockneys!

  • oracle


    London have made the final 5 times… Antrim only managed 2 finals.
    I think it would be far more embarrassing for Fermanagh to be beaten by Antrim the worst performing county (considering number of clubs and player availability) in GAA history.

  • oracle


    Now that I checked again London also won an all Ireland in hurling and were runners up 3 times Antrim could only ever manage 2 poxy runners up spots.

    Yeah i’d reckonyou and the London players probably have a lot in common when it comes to wishing I bet London would love to get Antrim in next round also

  • ayeYerMa

    British team beat another British team you mean 😛

  • FuturePhysicist

    Did Michelle Gildernew show up in London for this?

  • London v Fermanagh

    As somebody with a strong connection with both of the places that the teams represented, I stayed neutral.

    However, despite some tears over a beers in Newtownbutler last night, it was acknoweldged that this result was good for the Sport in terms of spreading its popularity beyond Ireland.

  • Nordie Northsider

    I can’t gloat – London hurlers gave Derry a stuffing in 2010. By the way, does Adams support Louth now or is he staying with Antrim? Can’t be accused of jumping on the bandwagon either way.

  • It’s a moment that tells instantly the present state of Anglo-Irish mutual regard.

    Hunky, hefty individual — wearing green shirt — boards west-bound Central Line train, carrying sports bag and very prominent camán. A decade or so back that would have stilled the other passengers to stunned silence. Now, such eccentricities are quite acceptable around West Ruislip tube. Be interesting to try the same experiment wearing a kufi and a full beard.

    One mystery remains: how did Páirc Smáirgaid transport itself to Cúige Chonnacht?

  • Anyone know a way to watch or listen to these games in GB? RTE and TG4 turn off their live online streams when sports come on.

  • Zig70

    Sign off the times and the influx of the Irish back to London. Well done Antrim, support was poor for a Belfast game and the players are too nice, but a great day out. 2 big games for a family of 5 for £18. Also nice to see all the kids on the pitch at half time. Bodes well for Antrim footballers to bounce back up from div3 next year.

  • JR

    Poor Fermanagh. To be beaten by London has to be the ultimate humiliation in the GAA. At least down scraped through. Looking foreward to the draw tonight.

  • grandimarkey


    It’s pretty difficult for some games.

    If it’s the championship you should get it on RTE or TG4 which involves a trip to an Irish bar.

    League games were only shown on Setanta Ireland or Setanta Sports which I was informed could only be found in Ireland, luckily I live in Glasgow and after some digging I found a pub with a hacked Sky Box that would always oblige me on a Saturday at 7:00pm, the Gorbals has everything. The walk home wasn’t always fun though.

  • JohnM

    I’ve been trying it for ages – you can get The Sunday Game on RTÉ Player but only the following Sunday when you know all the results and couldn’t really be bothered watching it any more…

    The best place to go is an O’Neill’s or some Irish bar.

    You can listen to them on RTÉ radio usually – they don’t geoblock their radio streams.

  • London beating Fermanagh is possibly on a par with USA beating England in the World Cup in 1950. Er thats the Soccer World Cup not the Gaelic Football one.
    Could turn out to be an interesting year as London are now at home to Waterford.
    Be nice to see the Scallion Eaters at Casement Park.

  • Rory Carr

    GAA games formery covered by Setanta in the UK are now broadcast (for subscription) by Premier Sports a channel available on Sky and presumably through other providers such as Virgin and BT.

  • pacman

    I think the exiles will fancy their chances again at home to Waterford. And as for me, after a poor showing yesterday against Clare, I’m pleased we drew Leitrim at home in Newry – hopefully we can kickstart our campaign for this season.

  • grandimarkey

    Is it too much to wish for a London – Derry game at some point?

    The irony will be all encompassing…

  • fitzjameshorse1745 @ 6:53 pm:

    [Off topic]

    In that context, we should not forget who remain the reigning Olympic rugby champions.

    Reading between the lines, the 1924 Paris Olympics should qualify as the nadir for “The Art of Coarse Rugby”.

  • keano10

    Fair play to Donegal yesterday. The second half was a barnstormer. Really enjoyed it. Their defence is as good as i’ve seen in any Ulster team for a number of years.

  • grandimarkey

    “Great to see Tyrone beat in the Ulster semi’s today hope Donegal beat Londonderry in the final to keep the celebrations out of Mid Ulster”

    26/06/11 – Ian McCrea’s Twitter Page

    Good to see him getting behind his own side…

  • JR

    As evident in this thread it is great to see the “other side” taking an interest.

  • turnpike

    Amused at the faux outrage and sensitivity of the GAA – an organisation well known for reaching out across the divide… at the same time as it permits it’s clubs and competitions to be named after convicted terrorists and it’s grounds to be used for the glorification of terrorism.

    The true face of an organisaton hooked on violence –

  • grandimarkey


    What “faux outrage”?

    They don’t seem to be outraged about much on their website.

    There is a story about Dublin midfielder, Michael Dara Macauley, perhaps missing the Leinster football final, but that seems to be more of a concern than “faux outrage”…