It’s all happening in Scotland..

Excellent stuff from Alan Trench in the Scotsman
It’s difficult to choose specific quotes so read the lot….How the SNP are strategising for independence.

And in the here and now: (from the BBC)
A by-election In Inverclyde on June 30. I thought Labour might let things cool down a bit before calling this. (Held the nearest comparable SP seat by 511 votes only).
“Labour previously said a 30 June date was “unlikely”.
The party said last week it was keen to avoid having a by-election during the school holidays and indicated its preference for a “long lead-in time”, to set the date back for about two months.”
Clever or Panic? – don’t know but the SNP have a great candidate, Anne McLaughlin, and just a little. bit. of. momentum.
To be absolutely fair and completely unbiased the Labour Candidate, Iain McKenzie, seems to be a popular bloke…
This is going to be fun……
Update from the Herald – Support for independence is growing.