Niall O’Dowd: The emigrant’s candidate for President?

And in an interesting contrast with the emergence of Pat Cox as a potential ‘Berlin’ candidate for Fine Gael, Mr O’Dowd could offer himself as a ‘Boston’ candidate. Here’s his preliminary pitch on his blog:

I believe the race for the Irish presidency would be immeasurably broadened by having an Irish Diaspora voice if I decided to run.

The time for lip service to that Diaspora is over. It is time to make that voice for 40 million Irish Americans heard loud and clear — not to mention the tens of thousands that will soon be joining that journey west or Down Under.

I was totally taken aback during the recent visit to Ireland for the Obama visit to have a group of influential Irish figures approach me on this very issue.

They see that the Diaspora, when it comes to tourism and direct investment, are deeply important for the future of Ireland. They feel that the past leadership in Ireland has utterly failed the country and that the answer these days lies far more in Boston than Berlin.

I wholeheartedly agree.

He was apparently pressed into it when he came over for the Obama visit. It will be fascinating to see where his political support (a crucial qualifier for any Presidential candidate) comes from…


  • As if the country hadn’t suffered enough…

  • otto

    Well Dublin and Belfast are closer to Washington than Anchorage or Honolulu….

  • The unthinking arrogance of it just beggars belief!

  • SDLP supporter

    Delusional self-regard from the Prince of toga-touchers, the King of sneaking regarders. If that gob–ite becomes President, I pledge to leave the country-Somalia, Iraq, anywhere. Jeez, even Gerry Adams would be more viable than this guy!

  • Comrade Stalin

    This might be the first time I have ever wholeheartedly agreed with an SDLP supporter. Niall O’Dowd seriously overestimates his own importance.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Oh dear. Niall believes that being the Irish President would allow him to have a role in job creation and business. Perhaps someone could furnish him with a copy of the Constitution.

  • Drumlins Rock

    would say a lot about Ireland if it has to import a foreign president for a third time, the Brit has did ok (with a few stupid gaffs) but the last yank (or Spaniard/Cuban/Italian/Afghanistani who knows?) in the Aras made some mess of the place.

  • Crubeen

    Would you be inclined to think of standing yourself, Mick? A real slugger in the Aras could sure pull some punches (or pints) for the sake of the ould sod. And I’m sure a few yellow or red cards would keep those hallions in the Dail in some sort of order!

  • Crubeen

    Drumlins Rock,

    “the last yank (or Spaniard/Cuban/Italian/Afghanistani who knows?) in the Aras made some mess of the place.”

    Indeed he did but he did it all before going to the Aras. Most likely being sent there prevented him doing any more harm.