Friday Thread: Internet Scepticism for Beginners…

Evgeny Morozov, professional net sceptic, with some things worth noting about the cyberoptimists… Not everything good about the net is as good as its own hype…

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  • Zig70

    So in summary, the government (controlling bodies) like blogging especially when they can control it as it is a great source of information. But in the end most people are going to be looking at big tits than slugger. The yun uns are too willing to lay bare their life on the internet and grumpy old gits like me us it to judge them and negate their job prospects. If you want to work with me, don’t post pro_BNP material on your facebook, ‘and he seemed so normal!’ Glad I found out first rather than over canteen coffee.

  • wee buns

    Internet war is being fought in US & Europe as well as by world’s worst dictatorships who seek to defend against regime change. Apparently la belle France is eager to bill itself as “world’s pioneer of the civilized Internet.”

    The main reason is …err…national security. (But..but…Osama is dead…)

    NATO is preparing a campaign of ‘infiltration and persecution’ against hacktivist Anonymous, which targeted corporate America via campaigns against the copyright industry and in support of WikiLeaks AND humiliated the US cyber security industry.

  • aquifer

    The internet tends to make oppression transparent however, and in countries where loss of face matters, to have everybody else witness your continued oppression may make it unbearable. Someone somewhere in the world IS watching, all the time, and wants you to win freedom,