Welsh Soccer the new Rugby…

Swansea City make the Premiership. With help from an Ulster manager..Brendan Rogers.

Can they stay there?


  • chewnicked

    Great news for Liverpool-At least they’ll now be playing football in a foreign country after all next year..

  • Mark

    Great to see Swansea City back in the big time . Having been the bridesmaid of Welsh football for years , everyone associated with the club must be delighted . Brendan Rogers deserves a lot of credit – one of Mourinho’s disciple’s ….

    ” Toshack , Keegan , One nil ! “

  • As rugby followers will know there is a nice little stadium in Swansea holding 20,000 plus built for £25 million which is home to both Ospreys and Swansea City.

    That’s right £25 million.

    We spent nearly £4 million on the consultancy for the Maze fiasco.

  • John Ó Néill

    If Craig Bellamy is paid £35k a week, while a typical Cardiff shirt costs £40 and a standard match ticket costs £32.50, how many extra fans will be getting needled by Swansea next season, Dewi?
    Would be a great two fingers to the Old Firm if there was 2 Welsh clubs in the Premiership next year while Scottish football continues to decline.

  • John Ó Néill

    By next year, I do mean 2012-13…

  • Dewi

    Very good Mr O’Neill….time for another quiz?

  • John Ó Néill

    I’ll try and up my PB to 2/10 but I can’t see me getting to 3…

  • Hymns and Arias to you Dewi, and of course Oggy,Oggy, Oggy. I cant imagine those have been forgotten. Well done to Swansea.

  • between the bridges

    Can they stay there?.no…if anyone has any idea what i got a black mark for (apart from he who must be obeyed without question) please forward answers on a post card..yawn.

  • otto

    Everyone’s got it

    It’s a bug

  • between the bridges

    lol..cheers for that otto..was wondering what i had done!!..re topic i hope they stay up but they will struggle!

  • Dewi

    £90m might help….and no debt to pay off to start with…might be interesting….

  • Tochais Síoraí

    F them – I had Reading at 16/1 for promotion from a few months back.

  • Dewi

    There goes the Celtic solidarity TS..

  • Valenciano

    On a related theme mentioned above, Scots football for the coming season continues its decline at least at the European level. In the UEFA rankings they were 9th to 10th in the 2005-2010 period. That meant 1 automatic spot in the group stages of the champs league with the other Old Firm club starting 2 rounds before that, with 4 clubs going into the Europa league.

    Last season they slipped to 13th, meaning one less club in the Europa league and the top club was dependent on the Champions League holder qualifying through league placing.

    For next season they’ve slipped to 16th. That means one European place lost in the money spinning Champions League, with one Old Firm club playing in the Europa league instead and the other having to win 2 or 3 games just to get into the group stages. Not very good for the financial health of Scots football, with one old firm club denied any crack at Champs league revenue and 2 lower clubs missing out altogether.

    Not very good for Northern Ireland either, they’ve slipped into the bottom six of the UEFA rankings for the first time which meant that Linfield would have started a round earlier than usual if someone like Schalke or Spurs had won the Champs league. As it is, Barca winning it gave them a reprieve, along with the champs of that other footballing powerhouse, the Faroe Islands, which means that Linfield are spared a first qualifying round trip to Malta, Andorra or San Marino.

  • Kevin Barry

    Swansea, Blackburn (so long as they dont spend and keep Kean) and Norwich to go down.

    Glad to see Swansea up though, they seem to play some decent, exciting football and hoping theyre Blackpool V2.0. If they play their cards right they could aim to be a yo yo club and eventually stay up proper, who knows?