Adam ain’t lost it….at least you left “us” Canada…

Once again Thanks to Syniadau. – I’m becoming a bit of a conduit….

That’s a great video of Adam Price giving the Harvard graduate oration. It’s only 7 minutes odd long – well worth a watch.

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  • dmcoop

    I remember having drunken discussions on Irish politics with Adam in Clwb Ivor Bach in the late eighties.
    He’s come a long way since then, a good bloke.

  • oracle

    Jesus what a sad ass kisser Price is, and the worst kind of ass kisser at that, he does it not out of respect or agreement or even fear! But the obnoxious lust for position and status!
    Just goes to show in glorious techno-colour that Harvard holds a place for morons too!

  • Dewi

    Oracle – what?