Council shenanigans thread

It happens every time.

We’ve already had the UUP/DUP power play in Castlereagh and their failed move to weight things toward Unionism in Belfast.

What else is going on as other Councils reconvene and divvy up the spoils of war?

Niall Ó Donnghaile has become Belfast’s youngest ‘Lord’ Mayor. Though the News Letter tweeted that with an anglicisation of his name:

New Belfast Lord Mayor expected to be Niall Donnelly, SF, and deputy Ruth Patterson, DUP

Ryan McAleer notes:

A SF proposal to switch #dhondt option used by Omagh District Council means DUP will hold chair for 1st time next year instead of the SDLP.

And SF are claiming the SDLP in Antrim decided to get benefits from a deal with Unionism that punished them.

Let us know the other deals being cut and sulks being had.

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