Council shenanigans thread

It happens every time.

We’ve already had the UUP/DUP power play in Castlereagh and their failed move to weight things toward Unionism in Belfast.

What else is going on as other Councils reconvene and divvy up the spoils of war?

Niall Ó Donnghaile has become Belfast’s youngest ‘Lord’ Mayor. Though the News Letter tweeted that with an anglicisation of his name:

New Belfast Lord Mayor expected to be Niall Donnelly, SF, and deputy Ruth Patterson, DUP

Ryan McAleer notes:

A SF proposal to switch #dhondt option used by Omagh District Council means DUP will hold chair for 1st time next year instead of the SDLP.

And SF are claiming the SDLP in Antrim decided to get benefits from a deal with Unionism that punished them.

Let us know the other deals being cut and sulks being had.

  • dwatch

    Well at least he is squeaky clean & hasn’t even been done for riding a bike at night with no light.

    If the Lord Mayor & Deputy Mayor is divided four ways, SF, DUP, SDLP & Alliance over the next four years. Then the only ones to cry foul would be the UUP.

  • Mark McGregor


    A straight running of d’Hondt on Mayoral position gives:


    Running it with the failed Unionist block arrangement gave:

    SF, Unionist, SF, Unionist.

    What Unionism was asking for was the facilitation of shafting the SDLP not SF. It was clearly anti-catholic not anti-‘republican’.

    I’m surprised any Unionist thought the council would wear elevating minor figures like the UUP and representatives of loyalism above the much larger vote given to the stoops.

  • Comrade Stalin

    If the Lord Mayor & Deputy Mayor is divided four ways, SF, DUP, SDLP & Alliance over the next four years. Then the only ones to cry foul would be the UUP.

    The DUP still wouldn’t have been happy.

  • Reader

    Mark McGregor: A straight running of d’Hondt on Mayoral position gives:…
    That is “A straight running…” *after* the rule change! What the rule change has done is change from two unionists and two nationalists over the 4 years to three nationalists and 1 unionist over the 4 years.
    Who voted for the rule change?
    I suppose we could argue over the proportionality of d’Hondt and the merits of party vs. community designation all day, but which of the above arrangements is more proportional?

  • The excellent Brian Heading SDLP got cross party support to become Mayor of Lisburn. Congrats to him and his family.

  • Comrade Stalin


    Who voted for the rule change?

    Who voted for a sectarian voting bloc with the representative of the UDA ?

  • dwatch

    Who voted for the rule change?

    Republican SF, Nationalist SDLP & those who don’t know what they are Alliance. Guess what they get nothing out of it according to Mark’s D’Hondt system understanding as SF & SDPL will of course be shafting them now they got their vote.

    During the last council at least Naiomi Long got a shot at Mayor. Now Alliance will have to wait to 2015 before they ever smell the Mayor’s chain of office.

  • Reader

    Comrade Stalin: Who voted for a sectarian voting bloc with the representative of the UDA ?
    I thought that the UDP had been wound up – so who is the ‘representative’ of the UDA, and what is the nature of the relationship?
    And it looks like SF can organise a sectarian voting block without having to give it a name – they just bought the SDLP with 4th turn at the Lord Mayor’s job.

  • dwatch

    Once the dust has settled, those in office of Mayor & deputy Mayor will realize its an office with no authority at all. Maybe a few cross dressers will enjoy all the dressing up in fancy robes to look like an 18 century pratt in the 21 st century.

  • Rory Carr

    Terrific, DWatch. That was a ‘sour grapes’ response to not having your way that was worthy of Eric Cartman.

  • cynic49

    The worse UUP electoral performance in living memory in North Down did that party no harm at all with the appointment of a UUP Mayor. Despite the Belfast spat the DUP facilitated the Alliance Party being a major player in the subsequent carve up. No point in holding grudges I suspose! If they did that we would have no Executive in Stormont.

  • dwatch

    Don’t know how many cross dressers there are in SF but the old UUP had a few, fancy men who loved their robes more than their mistresses. They just delighted prancing about in their robes and Orange Sash’s when appropriate. Of course the new SF Mayor can wear an AOH sash or have his robes re designed with a tri colour flag sown into the back. He will be most welcome in those Rep/Nat boozers around Belfast were as big Ian would have said they flog the ‘Devil’s buttermilk”

  • carl marks


    Rory Carr said ir all at 10.21 have you ben ane the devils buttermilk old boy