Castlereagh’s Deloitte report clears Iris Robinson

The Deloitte report into the awarding of the Lock Keeper’s Inn contract to Kirk McCambley was delivered to Castlereagh Borough Council tonight and gave everyone concerned – Iris Robinson, as well that of other councillors and council officers – a clean bill of health.

After the private meeting of council, the DUP’s Jimmy Spratt said:

Iris Robinson has been totally exonerated and that is very clear … There is absolutely no criticism of her at any point throughout the report. This report brings this chapter in Castlereagh council’s history to a close.

The UTV report explains

The investigation by Deloitte examined whether or not Iris Robinson or other council members acted inappropriately or illegally regarding the awarding the lease at the Lock Keeper’s Inn and if Castlereagh Council suffered any financial loss as a result.

The BBC report that Castlereagh Borough Council released a statement last night – obviously on paper rather than for all to see on the web – and in it they say:

The report concluded that there was no evidence of financial loss to the council or any impropriety by council officers or members directly involved in the assessment panel regarding the award of the lease.

As the final draft report has only been received this evening, the council will require time to comprehensively review the report and enable councillors and officers to respond to the content.

I’ll post a link to the report if Castlereagh Borough Council release it. Given their poor record for putting council minutes onlinewebsite hasn’t been updated since January 2011 – I’ll not hold my breath!