PSNI: a force with easily demonstrable bias?

British Army supporters pretty much get carte blanche in Belfast it seems:


Two years ago we covered the PSNI response to éirígí supporters travelling to their anti-Armed Forces Day protest at Belfast City Hall. That response was riot squad, dogs, blocked streets, jeeps and ensuring the protest never took place.

Today a rally was held at Belfast City Hall to protest the MOD decision not to hold a RIR homecoming parade. The main contingent for this protest arrived via an illegal parade from East Belfast – no walking on footpaths like éirígí , they paraded down the middle of roads stopping traffic in both directions – the PSNI didn’t interfere.

As the BBC note the PSNI reaction to this gathering, broadly supported by illegal action, at Belfast City Hall was – Police in attendance, but some distance away.

Unionist elected representatives supported and addressed this rally – their positions on the many illegal aspects aren’t public domain. Neither are their opinions on the PSNI facilitating the illegal parade in Belfast City Centre.

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