“what now on those big questions on arms and on the past?”

In the Belfast Telegraph, Brian Rowan with a reminder of some unfinished business.   The publication of the two reports he mentions was postponed, before the elections, until “a date to be agreed by both Governments”.  From the Belfast Telegraph article

At an event at Queen’s University recently, I said there won’t be a truth process here.

There may be something dressed up as such a process, but it won’t be about truth and the many hidden secrets of war.

Governments don’t want it, the security forces and intelligence services don’t want it and republicans and loyalists don’t want it.

And if they dispute that assertion and argue that they do, then they are going to have to prove it.  [added emphasis]

The elections were a reason – some would argue an excuse – for not addressing some of these issues earlier. But what now on those big questions on arms and on the past?

The elections are over. So who has the answers?