SF across Ireland

Irish Political Maps is a new one but for the statistics addicted it looks like a must follow.

The map of SF percentages (out of date post Assembly election but still way cool) across the island is something special -click for full size.


Much thanks to JandK for permission to reproduce.

  • Chris Donnelly

    Impressive representation of what has been in electoral terms a fantastic year for Sinn Fein.

    If my quick calculations are right, then Sinn Fein have secured the support of more than a quarter of electors in 11 constituencies across Ireland, a figure which rises to 16 constituencies when referring to places where the party gets 20% or more of the votes.

    Interestingly, Dublin North West and Kerry North-West Limerick stand out as two of the only three non-Ulster constituencies in which the party managed to get more than 20% of the vote (the third being Louth, which is effectively an honorary ‘Ulster’ constituency whether the Wee County ones like it or not…..)

    As an aside, the stunning success in East Antrim suggests Sinn Fein miscalculated badly when it decided to take Naomi Bailie out of her home base of Strangford and run her as a no-hoper third candidate in South Down (where she still performed well.) A strong local Peninsula based candidate could have delivered that critical 30th seat.

    One for next time, though.

  • Mark McGregor


    And I thought you, like me, would be first and foremost drawn to the fact the only all-Ireland party (apart from the other ones) still doesn’t run in five in the 26.

  • john

    Chris to be quite honest I thought the Assembly election results were disappointing for SF . 4 years of demographic change and an SDLP crash should really have yielded more than just 1 extra seat

  • Chris Donnelly

    Effectively a two-seat gain, given that boundary changes made a return of Paul Butler in Lagan Valley a virtual impossibility.

    I agree with you to some extent, though don’t believe an almost 1% gain on an already high share of the vote and increase in seat tally can really be classed a disappointment.
    Aside from Upper Bann- and maybe West Tyrone, though, I don’t anticipate Sinn Fein positioning themselves to be in the reckoning for any further gains next time out unless and until steps are taken to broaden the profile of the Sinn Fein representative in the north, something that could yield electoral gains in places like Strangford, South Antrim, North Belfast and East Derry.

  • AGlassOfHine

    So,all that hot air about marty becoming First Minister ? 😉

  • Nordie Northsider

    An all-Ireland map of Green Party elected members should be easier to produce.

  • South Down Stoop


    I wouldn’t have thought Bailie capable of taking the seat in Strangford; at best she would (and she probably would) have edged out and embarassed Joe Boyle.

    Strategically, though, seems pretty good to put her into South Down. Clearly, getting 3000 votes in rom Ritchie’s own part of the constituency is an achievement for a first time candidate – word from the tallies is in inner Downpatrick, Bailie was running almost even with Ritchie.

    Say maybe Ruane doesn’t get a Ministry this time, which is quite possible. Bailie for the next Westminster election? Ruane’s vote is primarily from the south and (less) the central swathes of the constituency; voters who would “vote for a donkey if it had SF next to it on a poster”, to put is disparagingly. Bailie is young and untarnished by the slapped arse Ruane has made of a Ministry, and seems to be a strong challenger to Ritchie in her own back garden.

    Which, of course, has the South Down SDLP reeeeaally worried.

  • Nunoftheabove

    That old ‘black north’ slur the free staters still/used to bandy about undertakes a slightly different meaning all of a sudden.

  • perseus

    can we have a thread on ministeries please?
    rumour has it DUP are threatening to put
    Derry’s: Greg Campbell up as Minister of Culture
    if SF put up the Cat again for Education .

  • Wan

    @Mark McGregor
    I think it was more to do with tactics than organisation. There was a bit of an informal pact between SF and the ULA. SF didn’t stand any candidates in constituencies that they had a low vote in but that also the ULA had a chance of winning, in order to not split the vote.


    Dublin North – No SF, Clare Daly got in
    Dunlaoghaire – No SF, Richard Boyd Barret got in
    Dublin North West – No SF, Joe Higgins got in
    Not sure about the rest but it looks like there’s a pattern there.

  • gréagóir o frainclín

    SF are no more than political opportunists, like their counterparts….. oh, but a step or two above the eirigi shower!

  • Roncol

    I agree with John above. The expectation was that demographic changes would add at least 2% to Sinn Féin. There was also an expectation from the likes of Dept. of Foreign Affairs that SF would do far better in the Coucil elections than they did.

    In realtion to the comments about the Southern State,

    a) Joe Higgins is elected for Dublin West, not Dublin NW.
    b) In Dublin NW, the Labour Party took two of the three seats and kept the Bomber Ellis in his place. Had FG ran just one candidate rather than two, they might have take a seat. Also SF lost a council seat here in the core Finglas/Ballymun electoral area at the last local elections It is the West Belfast of the South.
    c) Sinn Féin are trapped in the South to constituencies where they have good candidates and even there they are not doing as well as imagined. Take Dublin NE where my good friend Larry O’Toole was beaten by the 2nd Labour candidate for the last seat because Seán Kenny picked up the more transfers.

    The good news for Sinn Féin is that they are now into a long period without elections North & South.This should enable them to rebuild their organisations, as much because of their administrative & organisational structures as anything else. FF have huge debts and don’t have the same centralised control over employment and salaries of State paid researchers & parliamentary assistants, Their next target will be the Local Elections in the South and of course by-elections. Rumour has it that the abovementioned Dublin West will have a vacancy shortly to add to West Belfast!