A funnier moment of #ae11

Another of the more commented on moments of the election spawned it’s own Twitter #, #basilsweemate, and even a spoof account (with some ripe language). Is that really a surprise….

hat tip Aldous for the link


  • Kevin McIlhennon

    I know Alex quit well and he’s probably going to be a good enough politician for the UUP (if they stop the whole ultra-right wing and sectarian crap). He’s certainly taking this in good humour on Facebook. Hilarious video too. The old porn music really adds to it lol.

  • Kevin – “old porn music” – think you’ll find it’s from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – I’m ready to be corrected.

  • Comrade Stalin

    It’s called “Oh Yeah” and it’s by Yello. I think it’s from the Solid Pleasure album. Predates both the FB movie; I’d not heard that it was a pr0n track 🙂

  • Just spotted this contribution on Facebook from Robin Swann UUP who just managed to slip into a North Antrim seat:

    “One of those strange events at the North Antrim count today was when a complaint was lodged because my 7 month year old daughter was in the count hall, and was asked to leave!”

  • Kevin McIlhennon

    vanhelsing, I know it’s not from a porn film (it would be disturbing if I knew porn soundtracks lol) but it sounds like it should be. And have to laugh at the eejits in the count centres.

  • Mr Crumlin


    Also liked when Noel Thompson asked Bairbre de Brun was she being offensive about Catriona Ruane when babs said “Catriona is a few votes short of a quota”. Made me laugh.

  • Britt Nicole sums it up in Hanging On [YouTube]:

    “Hanging on to every word You speak
    ‘Cause it’s all that I need
    Hanging on to every word You say
    To light up my way
    Even every little whisper I’m
    Hanging on as if it were my life
    I’m hanging on”

  • Nordie Northsider

    And there’s another one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaYUI397VGE

    This could run and run. Personally, I’d like to hear the original dialogue.