Late night Scottish Parliamentary blogburst…

Okay, briefly…

Malc’s Live blog on the excellent Better Nation blog…

– Shuggy on the idiocy of loosing bravely in a respectable (Athenian manner) on #AV11..

Lallands Peat Worrier:

Will the Maximum Eck has been victorious – or stunningly trounched? Will the dead weight of the Gray albatross bury Labour in the sand, or astound Scotland by taking flight – and carry the hapless mariner to an unexpected triumph? If he does fail, who might replace him? Will new Green shoots spring up, or will the blackened earth prove infertile, and the suffering stalk snap right through?

– Caron’s tips for two new Lib Dems she would like to see elected

– Joan’s 35.000 ft literal view of Scotland

– And here’s a crucial point not currently being made on the BBC:

The collapse of the unionist parties is a more significant shift than many realise. Repeated studies show that once voter loyalty is broken the pattern of behaviour is rarely resorted to automatically. People voting for the SNP or the Greens for the first time will have dislodged loyalty to Liberals or Labour. It may have been the Stephen Purcell debacle, the competence of the Green opposition or the incompetence of the Labour one, but something substantial has moved in the Scottish political landscape.

– Finally Gerry Hassan puts Scotland on a familiar psychiatrist’s couch:

“Sometimes politicians and politics get it wrong or fall short, but sometimes so do elements of the media and I think the latter has occurred in this campaign. I believe it is time to stop saying how disillusioned and disappointed we are in Scotland and Scottish politics, a school of thought which has a passive view and an active angry one, and dare to dream and hope a bit. Our country and we deserve it.”

BBC Scotland live coverage… And the STV live feed

  • AGlassOfHine

    Labour has got a bloody good kicking,by the looks of it.

    Alex Salmond says there will be a referendum as to whether to remain part of the Union,in the next Parliament.
    What Alex has to realise is the vast majority of people in Scotland,Northern Ireland and Wales,wish to remain part of the United Kingdom.
    ( not sure about England )

    Alex,a vote for the SNP does NOT equate into a vote for Scottish Independence . You know it,I know it,everybody knows it !!

    Its a non starter. A red herring.

    Who would have bailed out The RBS in an Independent Scotland ?

    Before the usual suspects start jumping up and down in glee,at the prospect of the break up of The Union,I tell you in all sincerity…………….it ain’t gonna happen !! 😉

  • Dewi

    I’m moving to Scotland,

  • Henry94

    A referendum has to happen to clear the air anyway and also because the SNP’s core support will demand it. I wonder does it have to be a simple yes or no. Should the option of transferring more powers to Scotland be a third option.

    As for who would bailout a bank an independent country could bail out its own banks if they were an appropriate size for the economy. An independent Scotland would need to stay out of the eurozone and avoid a property bubble.

    People who have switched to the SNP are people who are open to political argument and willing to change their minds. The SNP need to make a convincing case to them for an independence that will work.

  • Dewi

    My maths think that the SNP could actually get a majority, Astonishing.

  • The BBC is predicting 65 seats for the SNP which will indeed give them an overall majority.

    So…. will Salmond call the referendum, or at least press Westminster to do so?

    He doesn’t seem to have any alternative or excuse now not to do so. Despite the public pronouncements, it’s something which he would probably put on the backburner, as he knows that getting a thumbs up over an unbelievably incompetent Scottish labour party is quite different to getting a thumbs-up from the electorate for separation.

    The Unionist parties should call his bluff, develop a backbone and start working on the presumption that it’s going to happen.

    Ironic though, despite all the huffing and puffing in NI about nationalist majorities forcing Border Referendums, that the first part of the UK to actually obtain a theoretical nationalist majority could well be Scotland!

  • Dewi

    No problems with a referendum…bring it on…It’s important to remember that the referendum will be independence against the Calman proposals – which with all respect lack a little philosophical coherence..

  • AGlassOfHine

    I’m moving to Scotland, dewi

    Things are getting better and better.

  • It’s important to remember that the referendum will be independence against the Calman proposals

    It can now be whatever Salmond wants it to be- even a simple “yes”, “no” to independence/separation. Whether Westminster agrees to the proposal is another question but the ball is undoubtedly in his court to come up with the proposal.

  • Canisp

    A stunning series of results for the SNP in the previously hostile territory of Edinburgh, taking 5 out of 6 constituency seats, and coming from 4th place to win in a couple of instances.

    As others have said, a vote for the SNP doesn’t necessarily indicate a ‘yes’ vote in an independence referendum, but the next Scottish parliament is sure to be interesting…

  • pippakin

    Alex Salmond could now declare that he has the mandate for independence, after all its the very title of the party! I would like to see him do it, those who want an independent Scotland have on the whole worked tirelessly and honestly for it. Not a shot fired.

    He has nothing to worry about from the English electorate, indeed if he ignores this opportunity he might well annoy all those English nationalists who don’t care how it happens as long as he goes..

  • JR

    Its hard not to wonder that if things were done differently here would it have been us ( an all Ireland) getting to vote on our independance.

    I hope they show braveheart on the eve of the vote!

  • pippakin


    I think if the guns and the big mouths holding them had STFU we would have had a U Ireland by now. If nothing else this result exposes their lies.

    Braveheart? Surely not Mel Gibson is a bit of a busted flush these days!

  • The results are extraordinary. I live in the sort of constituency in Glasgow where, according to the Yes 2 AV campaign, voters are ‘disenfranchised’ under FPTP. Just learned my MSP has lost – by seven votes.

  • westcoast

    O’neill, the first part of the uk to gain a nationalist majority and vote for independence was Ireland.
    I wonder will we shortly see a Scottish volunteer force set up to subvert the will of the majority in Scotland through violence, akin to what occurred in Ireland in 1912 with the uvf. Or will democracy prevail?