The After-Life of Brian…

There’s an interestingly signed letter in the Guardian today

Nick Clegg has repeated the Yes campaign’s claim that only the Conservatives and BNP oppose AV. Here in Northern Ireland, the Democratic Unionist party, the Greens, and Ulster Unionist party all back a No vote. AV would be a tremendous step backward for Westminster. It’s not a fair election system and would rig the electoral system against smaller parties. AV is an obscure, expensive and unwanted system.

Tom Elliott Leader, UUP, Brian Wilson MLA Leader, Northern Ireland Green party, Peter Robinson MLA First minister of Northern Ireland

Good luck in the Bangor council election, Brian!  Just don’t tell Steven…

It may also be worth noting, as the BBC point out, that “In contrast to its counterparts in England, Wales and Scotland, the Green Party in Northern Ireland is opposed to AV, arguing that the system is inferior to STV and could bolster sectarian voting patterns.”

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