Sinn Fein’s one stop election shop…

Nice work from Sinn Fein, turning their home page into a results board (with of course themselves at the top, and the Alliance party at the bottom, below the TUV)… Hmmm, was it something Fordie said?

  • JH

    Haha! I was wondering about the placement of AP myself!

  • perseus

    mistake by SF, Alliance are going to well this election.

  • Mark McGregor

    Great but unless they are doing tally returns it’ll be a website behind the mainstream media all the time.

  • Drumlins Rock

    A quick gripe, here is as good as anywhere… when reporting the results individuals TOPPING THE POLL is NOT a sign of success, it often indicates poor vote management or complacency, there are exceptions of course, but party percentages are a much better indicator, gripe over.

    As for the subject, I’m guessing there are better places to get the results, unless they have special powers in SF!

  • Reader

    Alliance got better treatment on the page than the Green Party. Maybe SF couldn’t sort out a colour code for the Greens?

  • perseus

    Drums TUV are the bottom-feeders in the election
    AP have at least a minister , who is doing ok-ish non?

  • Cynic2
  • joeCanuck


    Don’t mention special powers in the same sentence as SF. You’ll frighten them. On the other hand…….

  • The Word

    the last shall be first and the first shall be last, or something like that

  • USA

    Better than you think guys, there is a big “donate” button in the top left corner. Don’t knock it guys, they are good.

  • Greenflag

    Apart from the AP getting bottom billing the colour coding is indicative – Strong decisive green SF -clear orange -DUP = wishy washy weak light blue -UUP -entirely colourless , and even anemic white for the SDLP and a pinko for the AP suggesting a less than fully masculine party with even hints of non traditional lifestyles – And then a yellow for the TUV which is far from being a ‘mellow ‘yellow outfit ?

    The next step would have been to have spaces or switch ons for the later counts but I guess that’s for the next time !

    Overall SF can clap themselves on the back for this effort !