Ian Tomlinson unlawfully killed

The jury at the inquest into the death of Ian Tomlinson on the day of the G20 protests in London two years ago has found that Mr. Tomlainson was unlawfully killed and that PC Simon Harwood used “excessive and unreasonable” force in striking him.
Mr Tomlinson, who was not taking part in the protests in London, posed no threat, the jury added.
Criminal proceedings could reopen against Pc Harwood after jurors ruled he acted illegally, recklessly and dangerously. Last year, the Crown prosecution Service said a decision not to pursue charges against Pc Harwood could be reviewed depending on the inquest findings.

The CPS said a “thorough” review would take place.

“It will take into account all of the evidence now available, including any new evidence that emerged at the inquest, the issues left by the coroner to the jury and the conclusions they reached.
“The review will be conducted as quickly as is compatible with the care and rigour required in a thorough exercise.”

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  • AGlassOfHine

    An unprovoked attack.
    The Police are not above the law.
    The Police uphold the law.
    Charges should now be brought.

  • The balance of probability is that we have a Coroners verdict saying “unlawful killing” AND “not in public interest” decision by CPS.
    Chance of conviction is zero

  • Zachariah Tiffins Foot

    If a prosecution is mounted against the PC I doubt it will get beyond a submission by the defence for an abuse of process ruling.

    The joy(?) of the HR Act is that it is always poised to step in to defend the perpetrator’s rights even if that’s at the expense of the victim’s.

  • Whenever there are blatant abuses of the system/privileges/positions etc. ….. and let us consider that an unlawful killing verdict by a jury of peers which doesn’t lead to prosecution of the perp. and a sentence to reflect the view of justice as applied to the common man, is such a blatant abuse …… do anonymous and nowadays much smarter dissidents grow at an alarming rate. And it is perfectly understandable, and is surely to be welcomed and supported by all right-minded folk whenever abuse of the system, by those in admin of the system, is evident.

    Surely to disagree, is to give succour and support to instruments of chaos and anarchy, which is as a dissidence faction within establishment administration forces guaranteeing popular revolution and corrupted system collapse.

    And here is another problem which is fanning the flames of popular dissidence and requires more than just the relative nothing that generates its ponzi shenanigans.

    “The state has been wasting our money for decades. Weak politicians have bribed voters with endless amounts of borrowed cash. As a result, in 2010 the interest on the national debt will cost £42.9 billion a year. That’s more than we spend on defence, and not much less than the entire education budget.” …… http://www.debtbombshell.com/

    That is a pretty hefty interest payment …. £42,900,000,000.00, which does absolutely nothing in terms of changing anything, for the debt will remain to generate another pretty hefty interest payment next year too. And if interest rates are historically low, because of the way things have been recently, one can easily expect the payment burden to increase with any interest rate rises in the sector.

    The question which you need to answer is to whom and/or what* is everything owed? Who or what is collecting everyone’s wealth and creating these debt mountains? Make it personal …. for you are really paying and getting yourself right royally shafted, with none of the pleasure, and make no mistake about that.

    * In reality is everything owed to an individual, who only cloak themselves in the guise of a business to hide that one simple fact which societies would not consider as acceptable?

  • AGlassOfHine

    I beg to differ. I think there will be civil proceedings brought in this case,and I think the Police Officer concerened will stand trial.

    The video evidence is there for all to see.