Here’s what a Retronaut is….

I happened in on an Nexters event run by the Big Society Network in London last Wednesday. There were a lot of fascinating projects being presented there, some of which I hope to catch up with after Thursday’s elections (including our apres match session at the Big Election Breakfast) are over… But I managed to catch up with a guy whose work I’ve long admired, Chris Wild, the would be retronaut…


His blog is a fascinating read… Currently he’s got photograph’s Napoleon’s old soldiers… which put me in mind of the old hedge school teacher in Hugh Dorian’s memoirs, The Outer Edge of Ulster

I’d be keen to see more Irish material there… And I know Chris is too… So if you have access to high quality photographs or other archive material you think should have a wider audience, why not drop him (or me) a line…

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  • Looks interesting.
    Photographs are of course the key to this…..the 1860s photographer was probably the internet blogger/citizen journalist of his day. Old discarded photographs from the American Civil War/ “Indian” Wars/West….keep being “discovered”.
    To this extent…anything of that era is easier to identify and put into a capsule than the previous years. Its a matter of balance ….realising that young men of 20 who fought at Waterloo were 70 in 1865.
    Or that James Olly who was 16 at the Charge of the Light Brigade was the last survivor dying in 1920….as a pauper.
    Or that Giovanni Martin survived Little Big Horn thru carrying Custers last message stayed in the Army until retirement and was killed (knocked down by a car) round about the time Olly was dying in East Anglia.
    In a way I a envious…..those of us who have walked Culloden, Clifton, Boyne, Aughrim, Falkirk, Prestonpans or studied databases of regimental structures will never really see the face of a man who participated there.

  • oracle

    As you are aware I suffer from delixa dissalex dissolveia diealex dyfuctia ah damn it do you know that thingy that middle-class parents pretend their stupid kids have… aye that stuff.

    Anyway I thought a Retronaut was a cross between a Retard and an Astronaut and that you were going to out a poster Mick…. Phew betcha Pete just breathed a sigh of relief 

  • oracle

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    Only joking Pete