“Obama has as President created a new climate in international politics…”

Over a month after US President Barack Obama’s unilateral decision to authorize US forces to use missile strikeskinetic military action” against Libya without the approval of Congress, and the UN withdraws from Tripoli as its offices, and other foreign missions, are attacked in the aftermath of a NATO air strike on one of Muammar Gadafy’s homes.

In addition, “world leaders and security experts have urged renewed vigilance against retaliatory attacks” after President Obama authorised a targeted killing, of Osama bin Laden, on Pakistani soil – at a location identified through information obtained from detainees at Guantánamo.  In “true John Wayne style.”

The Norwegian Nobel Committee must be so proud…

But are all those invitations still good?

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  • pippakin

    Like it or not the killing of Bin Laden will improve Obamas ratings. A bit early in the presidential race perhaps, but considering the films that will be made, the tv series and the medals, If he tries to he can probably drag it all the way to the election, and quite possibly win.

  • AGlassOfHine

    When you look at the alternative ( Palin ),an Obama Second Term is much more preferably,in my honest opinion.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Palin is almost certainly not going to run for the presidential nomination. It’ll be someone else.

  • Pete Baker



  • joeCanuck

    My understanding is that the USA President has an absolute right to do anything he likes in Foreign affairs using Presidential decrees. The thing he can’t do is declare war; that privilege belongs to Congress.

  • pauluk

    I don’t know if Obama has so much ‘created a new climate in international politics’ as much as he is a more acceptable face on the same policies as his predecessor. Despite his campaign rhetoric he has maintained and sometimes enhanced many of Bush’s fiercely criticised strategies.

    In some ways Obama has been more ruthless and has shown more contempt for the opinions of others than Bush ever did.

    What is abundantly clear, the international community and media is more willing to accept a black, liberal Chicagoan playing ‘John Wayne’ than a white, conservative Texan.

  • Pete Baker

    “I don’t know if Obama has so much ‘created a new climate in international politics’ as much as he is a more acceptable face on the same policies as his predecessor.”


    It’s a quote from the Norwegian Nobel committee in 2009.

  • pippakin

    Surely he has not changed the way the US is viewed by the world at all. He started by apologising (much like Blair) to all and sundry and when that didn’t produce the awed results he appeared to be expecting he emerged from the closet as pretty much the same as all US presidents. To be fair his job is not to represent the rest of the world: his job is to put his own country first, all of the time and no matter what the situation.

  • Dewi

    I’m desperately looking for the source but I “read somewhere” that Obama has authorised an average of one assassination attempt a week.

  • abucs

    I think globalisation and declared wars by NGO’s have meant a lot of the old rulebook regarding nation state warfare has been torn up.

    Kinetic Military Action ?

    It could very well descend into a free for all.

  • AGlassOfHine

    Focus on what though ? A hastily written piece,cobbled together with sticky tape,trying desperately to get noticed alongside the ‘ Bigger Picture ‘ thread.

    Not much more one can add.

  • Cynic2

    “It could very well descend into a free for all”

    I am confused. Within Irish o’politics isnt that regarded as a noble thing?

  • Pete Baker


    “Focus on what though ?”

    Try something in the original post, including the final question, rather than attempting to create a ‘Palin’ diversion.

    “A hastily written piece,cobbled together with sticky tape,trying desperately to get noticed alongside the ‘ Bigger Picture ‘ thread.”

    Everyone’s a critic…

  • pauluk

    “Obama has as President created a new climate in international politics…”

    …like respecting the rights of sovereign nations, perhaps? The statement drips with irony…

  • John Marren


    Guys I can’t remember any tv news show that covers anything more than 2012 election, Obama’s wife’s new dress and William’s wedding. I cannot remember if the British Isles has inhabitants. The last time I heard a foreigner speak on tv it was Tony Blair. If Blair had a successor I never heard about it on tv.. America pays Rush Limbaugh $400 million annually and we can’t interrupt commercials with news of nonAmericans.

    Where I live I can get the Newark Star Ledger which cannot give up advertising space to news. Americans need store coupons since we collectively went broke. If people in Europe own American business paper you are screwed. Only investments in gold are on tv.

    Want a stock tip. American ammunition makers are running 24 hr days and on holidays. American Congressmen have told us to have at least a thousand rounds per weapon in our homes. We currently have only 290 million weapons for home use.

    Goddamn military keeps driving prices up preparing for our next nine invasions.

    God I hope we invade Wales. I have never seen a picture of Wales. Do people live in Wales. Are their cities in Wales. I have never heard anyone mention the existence of Wales. Is Wales the part of Africa where Obama was born?

    7% of American high school graduates spotted the US on an unlabelled globe. 40% of recent college grads think Americans descended from Europeans. On tv one bright young Obama voter said our founding fathers came from Peru. 58% of American want Biblical creationism taught in American public schools..

    Hey Europeans are you looking for direction and leadership from American politicians? You better stop using drugs and lead yourselves.

    Are Americans permitted to be members of Slugger O’Toole? I must use the internet daily to remind myself I live on a planet with 6 billion people,

    America is now a wholly owned susidiary of people who live on 5th Ave in Manhattan and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. They work on Wall St and Madison Ave. They pay Rush Limbaugh $400 million a year to keep them up to date.
    Limbaugh has never heard of any political movement other than Republican party. HE HATED CLINTON 24/7. HE HATES OBAMA 24/7. I was born in America, bread and buttered by Eisenhower and Kennedy, spoke English since birth. I am dying in a country which runs worse than Guatemala. I need someone to remind me there will be life on this planet after our impending bankruptcy filing..

    I don’t think I am regarded as important person for American politicians to discuss,

    My Congress just voted to eliminate Medicare entirely and use trillions saved to lower corporate tax rates from 36% to 25%.

    I couldn’t be more serious. I would support the systematic execution of every member of Saudi Royal Family and to transfer their oil fields to direct ownership by US government. Three times a week I get on senior citizen busses and ask old people are we going to put up with this shit. I love watching them get angry, Got it guys. It is time for America to say Sinn Fein—Ourselves Alone. You would not believe the anger the average American feels at this point.

    The bastards in Washington are pissing our tax money into every Moslem hole on this planet…Obama professes love for everyone. Fill in any expletive deleted you want. American journalists nervously report some Americans are becoming combative at town hall meetings. The sons of bitches you see on CNN are NOT representative of Americans I meet at doctors offices. Obama and his idiot friends in Congress are worried about 2012 election.

    I don’t expect to see an election in 2012 or anytime thereafter. Europeans should take a look at those old films of ecstatic look on the women of Germany after Hitlers election in 1932.. The first American politician to acknowledge our anger will win.. At that point every son of a bitch on this planet is going to be shocked at our utter lack of civility in the USA. I warned you..

    Your BBC mindlessly repeats the crap they see on American TV America now supports state sponsored terrorism. The next major terrorist leader you see will sound vaguely American. Just like me.

    I have not heard support for a European invasion yet. Just an endless stream of insults at Europeans who are using us like their American whore, If the French don’t want to invade Libya we will send the crazy Americains to fight for us. We have established a Maginot Line to deal with Moslem freaks.

    Everyone asks Moslems how they feel about Americans. Some European reporter with balls should ask Americans how we feel about Moslems. BBC broadcasters will moderate our hate filled speech to make Obama look good. Oh goody, lets give European moderates the Nobel prize for agreeing with Obama..

    The single greatest pleasure I can think of is to see some Moslem group target us again. If anyone believes Americans support a live and let live policy, you have not talked to an American in a long time. I look forward to spending my retirement years as some type of insurgent. I’m bored and would like to complete the revolution we threatened in Chicago in 1968. I now control the police forces in America…No goddamn cop in America will club old men and women rioting.

    American kids have forgotten the thrill of being a baby boomer. I am looking forward to this struggle. I want to riot using a walker. It will make great television. There are no angry kids at town hall meetings, Check our ID’s. I can drive my walker thru a reporters crotch. Watch us.