Endeavour’s Final Voyage

Following the final flight of Discovery, the next Nasa Space Shuttle to be retired, after 19 years of service, will be Endeavour.

But first there’s the not insignificant matter of its 25th, and final, flight – Mission STS-134.  Lift-off is scheduled for 1547 local time (1947 GMT; 2047 BST) from the Kennedy Space Centre.  And via the NASAKennedy channel

Endeavour’s final cargo, for the International Space Station, includes a 7-tonne particle physics experiment – the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS).  And the AMS channel provides this informative Nasa overview of the experiment.

As usual, there’s the launch blog and live online coverage from Nasa TV.

Update Today’s launch attempt has been scrubbed due to technical problems. There will be at least a 72 hour delay.