Seanad 2011

This election to the Seanad is bound to take some time, feel free to update via comments

The five-seat Cultural and Educational panel is the first to return – FF drop one seat and Lab Gain.

FG – Deidre Clune
FF – Labhrás Ó Murchú
FF – Thomas Byrne
Labour – John Gilroy
Fine Gael – Michael Mullins

The Agricultural Panel is next, notably Martin Manseragh had a disasterous first count while Trevor Ó Clochartaigh of SF returned a real surprise.

The panel previously returned 6 FF, 4 FG, 1 Lab. Detail (via

BAILEY, John FG 19 19,000
BRADFORD, Paul FG 63 63,000
BRENNAN, (Joe)FG 11 11,000
BURKE, Paddy FG 82 82,000
BURTON, Pat FG 25 25,000
CARROLL, James FF 34 34,000
CLARKE, Michael Ind 32 32,000
COLEMAN, Alan FF 3 3,000
COMISKEY, Michael FG 40 40,000
CONNICK, Sean FF 25 25,000
DILLON, John Ind 12 12,000
DOOCEY, Declan FG 24 24,000
FEENEY, Peter FG 29 29,000
HEFFERNAN, James Lab 97 97,000
HOGAN, John FF 23 23,000
McDERMOTT, Frank FG 21 21,000
MANSERGH, Martin FF 9 9,000
MARKEY, Colm FG 27 27,000
MOONEY, Paschal FF 40 40,000
Ó CLOC, Trevor SF 82 82,000
Ó DOMHNAILL, Brian FF 53 53,000
O’DONOVAN, Denis FF 42 42,000
O’KEEFFE, Susan Lab 69 69,000
O’NEILL, Pat FG 40 40,000
PHELAN, Martin FG 26 26,000
SCANLON, Eamon FF 47 47,000
SHEAHAN, John FG 38 38,000
WALSH, Jim FF 53 53,000

Non-transferrable value not effective 0 0
Loss of value owing to disregard of fractions 0 0
Total 1,066 1,066,000

With much focus on Micheál Martin’s panel of 10, potential figures for rebuilding FF, there is a lot riding on this sideshow for some:

Seán Connick – Agricultural
Brian Ó Domhnaill – Agricultural
James Carroll – Agricultural
Mary Fitzpatrick – Administrative
Thomas Byrne – Cultural & Education
Darragh O’Brien – Labour
Jennifer Murnane O’Connor – Labour
Averil Power – Industrial and Commercial
Marc MacSharry – Industrial and Commercial
Kenneth O’Flynn – Industrial and Commercial

Could be some interesting hours ahead. Though, potentially a mere 10 FF Senators – Irish politics has changed and changed totally and we are about to have it rammed home again.


  • Blath Luainach

    Jaysis, Trevor Ó Clochartaigh to get a Seanad seat? That’s a surprise. Must be a huge boost for the Galway Shinners? This is the only link I found for him –>

  • John Ó Néill

    Trevor Ó Clochartaigh elected on the last count. Depending on what arrangements were put in place, David Cullinane may be in with a shout of a seat on the Labour panel. I’d not be overly optimistic about the chances of Kathryn Reilly (industry and commerce) or Eoin Ó Broin on the NUI panel, but, as Mark points out, a bit of heavy-handed central diktat from Michael Martin appears to have irked some of the FF electorate (and the FF gene-pool councillors as well), so there may be one or two surprises left.

  • John Ó Néill

    That was last count as in the last count before I wrote that…

  • redhugh78

    very quiet in here..?
    3 is a magic number.