ICC Executive Board to revisit World Cup 2015 decision

As the BBC reports, the International Cricket Council President, Sharad Pawar, has requested the ICC Executive Board to revisit the decision to exclude Associate and Affiliate Members of the ICC, including Ireland, from the Cricket World Cup 2015.  From the ICC statement

…after receiving representations from the Associate and Affiliate Members of the ICC, the ICC President Mr Sharad Pawar has decided to request the ICC Executive Board to revisit the issue in Hong Kong in June.

Mr Pawar said: “I have given this matter further serious thought and will request the Board to consider this topic once more. I can understand the views of the Associates and Affiliates and ICC will seek to deal with this issue in the best way possible.”

Adds  The Press Association report on the Guardian website speculates

While it is unlikely the board will shift from its 10-team stance, it may be persuaded to allow the top-10 ranked teams to contest the next World Cup or even introduce a play-off between the sides ranked eighth to 12th.

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  • john

    Finally some sense on the matter. I thought the ICC were just trying to match FIFA and the IOC for incompetence. Some form of prequalifying is the fairest option becuse if it goes on ranking and Ireland gets in as the number 10 then Zimbabwe will start complaining