#UTVtrip: What are the issues in Foyle for #AE11?

Tomorrow the UTV Twitter Road show rolls into the Foyle constituency. I should be on the ground from about 9, with a vo pop in the city centre, followed by a first political interview with Eamonn McCann.

It culminates in our Tweetup at the Café Del Mondo in Shipquay Place.

The idea is almost exactly the opposite of the traditional hustings event. There is no platform, just a circle. The subject of the conversation is what people who come bring to it.

So, as a primer, what do think we should talk about?

–       Poor broadband speeds?

–       Legacy value of the City of Culture in 2013?

–       Just one woman candidate for six Assembly seats?

–       Jobs, infrastructure and the local economy?

–       Policing, security and dissident violence

Or, as they say, whatever you are having yourself…. Book yourself in if you are in the city… Or keep an eye on the #UTVtrip hashtag if you want to join in the online crack…